Saturday, April 30, 2005

As Hu and Wen Triumph USA Squabbles With Allies

Our military might at work:

US investigators are reported to have found the soldiers who shot up the Italian allies, "not culpable".

The Italians refused to sign the report which, as per usual, excuses the American leadership from any responsibilities. This is a diplomatic disaster. It already made the Italian government wobble very badly. It might fall because of this fracas. This is how we say, "Thank you for your support".

This inability to do decent diplomacy with our allies is killing our country. We can be forced to be nice to the Communist Chinese but then we turn around and slap Putin in the face who then runs off to the Chinese for a better can bet the Chinese said nothing about internal Russian politics! We feel as if all other nations are rushing to us for support and help and money. We cannot understand that we are the ones going around, begging for money. We can't understand that our military is making enemies faster than it is making friends. This is a disasterous course to follow.

Already, revelations about Britain's leader, Blair, and his rash rush into war in Iraq is threatening to take him down, too. His party is significantly weaker because of his closeness to Bush's disasterous policies. He may fall soon, too. This is why he rushed to call a snap election, to head off the strengthening opponents, give them little time to organize for an election.

Meanwhile, Bolton is still being supported by Bush and Cheney. They desperately want him in the UN so he can rally the right wing troops at home by being an ass in the eye of the international community, "kicking ass". This assinine policy is going to kick the USA in the rear.

Big time.

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