Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nuke, Nuke, Who's There?

I found this poll in a rather odd corner of the net. It is pretty amusing.

According to a recent poll conducted jointly by Frontier Times and the 21st Century Research, nearly half of the people of South Korea (44.4%) believe North Korea's nukes are good for Korea. Voting for the nuclear Korea were 51.9% of the male respondents and 37% female, 56% in their 20s and 18.3% in their 60s, indicating clear gender and generation gaps. 43.8% believe North Korea needs nukes for defending against US attacks.

Which nation is the greatest threat to Korea?

First - The United States (29.5%). Second - Japan (29.2%). Third - North Korea (18.4%)

45.7% of people in 20s and 50.1% of the students believe the US is the number one threat to Korea.

Will North Korea use nukes on which nation?

South Korea - 26%. USA - 19.2%. Japan - 18.1%.

30.8% believe North Korea will not use nukes.

The poll sample size is 1,058 adults 20 or older and has an error margin of 3.1%.

OK. We are trying to get the world all hyper hysterical about nukes. The world has obliged by yawning. When the most heavily armed military hyper power on earth squeals like a stuck pig about WMD it is beyond hilarious, it is pathetic. Note that South Korea is our ALLY!

So back to screaming about Iran:

Iran will resume nuclear activities concerning uranium enrichment next week if it failed to reach an agreement with the European Union over Iran's nuclear file, the chief nuclear negotiator said on Saturday.

"Iran will make decision on resumption of uranium enrichment in Tehran next week," Hassan Rowhani, also secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.

Oh, aren't they scared of us. Watching us bleed to death right next door, too terrified to put Saddam on trial, our military bleeding and worn out hunkered down in bunkers, the whole government slowly falling into Iranian hands, they can afford to flip us a bird or two. It makes perfect sense. America leaves one alone if one has nukes.

There was this wonderful time from 1990 to 2000 where we and Russia could have disarmed and persuaded China who has relatively few nukes to disarm. We instead hyperarmed. Now we are striving to outdo the entire planet's spending on military stuff and are now facing true bankruptcy.

Which takes us back to why Bush needs to "reform" Social Security. Soon we will be taxed at double or triple present rates to pay the interest and some of the principal of all those trillions in loans we wracked up the last twenty five years. In 1980 we owed just over a trillion.

Today it is approaching 8 trillion. Wow. Just wow.

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