Saturday, April 30, 2005

Triangulation Like Crazy

All over the world, diplomats are very busy except for poor Bolton who sits idle. As China racks up one bilateral agreement after another, it must be Tuesday because Hu is in Moscow:

"The two state leaders will discuss major international and regional issues of both concern and how to further bilateral ties," Assistant Foreign Minister Li Hui told a news briefing here on Saturday.

And so India, after signing a peace treaty with China concerning their mutual borders, signs up with Japan: India, Japan initiate high-level dialogue

.Indian and Japanese governments decided on Friday to launch a high-level strategic dialogue, upgrade economic links and enhance energy, security and defence cooperation.

I am happy to see this cascade of diplomacy. Shows that the New World Order is running smoothly for at least Asia!

This frenzy of activity has a darker side. Before WWI we saw similar activity and before WWII the same thing happened. This sort of swift triangulation and co-bilateral sphere of influence peddling is a symptom of great changes afoot. Everyone who can read books and look at the USA with a clear, nay, predatory eye can plainly see the writing on the wall: America, bogged down in Iraq, is bleeding red ink in a torrent and will be bled white in pretty much no time at all. Gravely weakened by this war, our diplomats go around alternately snarling and begging. Note here at this blog mocking them with the "Diplomacy for Dummies" series.

The surrender of the Nationalists to the Communists in China was, as I predicted, a huge historic moment. It pretty much shows exactly how weak our position now is in Asia. This has freed up everyone to play musical chairs and to rearrange the furniture without consulting the USA. It was obvious at the secret ASEAN meeting where the Chinese pretty much told the other nations "the time is now'. This is why there is an open scramble. Blue light special, indeed!

We will see more of this. The defiance of North Korea showed clearly the USA is totally incapable of projecting power in Asia. The Japanese are overextended in this way and have to now rush to make up lost ground as they had put all their eggs in the American basket. Culture of Life News expects the Japanese to make similar arrangements with the Chinese that we just made.

China won again. Congratulations. This interesting Game of Go will continue.

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