Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Army of Less Than One

We all know the draft is coming. Rumsfeld himself is calling for a leaner, meaner military. Of course, this entity will be more expensive than all the other military put together. But this bloated giant will be "lean". This is a certainty now since recruitment has collapses. Soon it will be an army of less than one.

Today, the military is suspending all recruitment as they try to figure out how to lure our kids into the Iraq death trap.

Baiting this trap is tricky. They can't do infinite bribes because the military industrialists need all the money to pad their own wallets. So this leaves only pennies for personnel.

Ask Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to define his legacy, and he cuts the question short: "Don't. Hold off on it. There will be plenty of time."

With a full list of policy initiatives ahead and travel plans penciled in through the Beijing Olympics of 2008, Mr. Rumsfeld gives every indication of serving out the rest of the Bush administration, confounding those who predicted his departure even after President Bush refused, twice, to accept his resignation over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

"I don't think of myself as a short-timer," said Mr. Rumsfeld, who turns 73 in July.

His goal in this pivotal year is to keep Iraq and Afghanistan at bay so he can turn to closing bases at home and realigning global forces even as combat continues; overhauling personnel policy while dealing with a crisis in recruiting; redefining national security strategy while confronting alarming nuclear developments in North Korea and Iran; and drafting a disciplined military budget - one that does not rely on emergency spending to scrape through year after budget-busting year.

As readers of this blog knows, the "keeping at bay" in Iraq and Afghanistan seems to involve getting everyone there so riled they blow everything up while screaming "death to America".

A senior Army officer said Wednesday that the "stand-down" is being ordered not only because of possible misconduct but also because the service has had a difficult time attracting volunteers. The Army wants to assess the stress facing recruiters.

With the war in Iraq, recruiters face increased pressure to meet their recruiting goals. The Army has missed its recruiting targets for three months, and the National Guard and Army Reserve also have fallen short of their goals.

We have been assured that America "supports the troops" though I notice when driving around the ever present yellow ribbon magnets seem to be missing increasingly. Especially on soccer mom cars. Everyone is quietly backing away, leaving the poor saps who signed up earlier holding the booby trapped bag. At around 100 dead and 1000 wounded a month our troop strength is diminishing. The recruiters were all told they would have to go to Iraq if they couldn't fool or dragoon some poor sap into going. Thus the fear. They will do anything to find their replacements.

I strongly suggest any recruit shouldsit through a movie showing emergency surgery, bodies being put in coffins, angry rioters attacking alien Americans, and especially a movie showing the wards where the brain damaged lie there, living corpses. Then the recruiter can say, "Do you want this?" If the person says yes, then they get to go.

Of course, only a psychopath and not even them will say yes. Bush loved blowing up frogs and doing other childish psychopathic pranks but he didn't relish dying in Vietnam so he went AWOL. As did most of the authors of this war, all refused to serve when it mattered. All hid from Uncle Sam.

Well, they can prove their manhood. They, all of them including Cheney, can show us how brave they are and how much better than President Roosevelt they are and go over to Iraq and fight.

Fat chance, that.

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