Wednesday, May 11, 2005

As Bush Irritates Putin North Korea Kicks Bush's Balls Again


Isn't it odd how North Korea times its blows? Whenever we huff and puff and blow, they slice us across the face. While Bush was merrily going about rewriting history claiming that he would have fought Stalin in WWII right after defeating Hitler...the head hurts, thinking about this image....North Korea decided it was time to teach Bush about real wars and real dangers.

So--they keep us up to date concerning their nuclear bomb program. Obviously, they are very anxious that we track this and comment on this. No need for inspectors. When the nukes and the missiles are ready they will be shown to everyone.

"The DPRK has successfully finished the unloading of 8,000 spent fuel rods from the 5 MW pilot nuclear plant in the shortest period," North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement, according to the reclusive nation's official news service, Korean Central News Agency.

On Feb. 10, North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, for the first time declared that it possesses nuclear weapons.

Recently, American officials have debated whether or not satellite photos indicate that the North is preparing for a first nuclear test. The construction of a viewing stand and the removal and repacking of earth in an underground shaft in Kilju, a remote area with no known mining, may indicate that the North is preparing a test. It could also be a bluff, American intelligence analysts have said in Washington.

Who are these anonymous analysts? I want their heads on a pike. We screamed about the nonexistent WMD in Iraq and now we are in a hurry to deny that North Korea has them? This is beyond irresponsible. It is classically stupid

.Japan is downwind of North Korea and would be affected by an open air test. North Korea's media regularly attacks Japan with bellicose language. The North's arsenal of medium range missiles are believed to be maintained to hit Japanese cities or American bases in Japan.

Tonight, Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi downplayed Pyongyang's statement.

"It has been making gamesmanship sort of remarks," the Prime Minister said of North Korea, according to Kyodo News Agency. "The point is we will have to get through to North Korea that returning quickly to the six-party talks and scrapping the nuclear program will best serve its interests."

As usual, the USA and Japan call upon China to twist arms in North Korea by boycotting North Korea. Of course one searches for the carrots being used to encourage Beijing in this policy and there are none that matter. We all know what that is: America strongarming Taiwan for China. We will have to take on that roll. Tit for tat. China will leash NK if we hand over Taiwan.

"We ask all parties to exercise restraint and we hope that they will do nothing that is detrimental to the resumption of the six-party talks," Liu Jianchao, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman, told Reuters.

The NYT says "China reacted negatively" but what we see is China being diplomatic. They carefully choose their words unlike, say, Bolton. He, like his boss, is prone to spit out what is on his mind. Great for playing poker!

President Bush and other Administration officials have said that they do not plan to attack North Korea. Instead, they have pushed North Korea to re-join its four neighbors and the United States in regional talks designed to do away with the North's nuclear arsenal.

But the North has refused to attend a meeting since last June. Two weeks ago, the lead American negotiator, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, asked China to pressure the North by turning off an oil pipeline from China. But, according to one American official, the Chinese reportedly expressed concern about destabilizing North Korea and sending millions of refugees into northern China.

The NYT refuses to clarify why NK left the talks. We recall that this occured because Bush and Condi loudly called NK various unflattering names. Here on this blog, the editor notes we covered this in the long "Diplomacy for Dummies" series. A hint to our ruler: you don't open negotiations by insulting the other side. This is called "causus bellus" and can lead to war.

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