Thursday, May 12, 2005

Base Closing to Hit Mostly Blue States

Gin Rummy time

As left wing observers of the GOP expected, Rumsfeld just announced the base closures he is doing to "save money" and all of them are in "blue states". The brutal process of dividing America and concentrating the military Praetorian Guard in back water communities hostile to the major cities continues apace. This process of turning the military into an enclave cut off from the mainstream has been happening relentlessly since Ronald Reagan took over the Presidency.

Experts say that Rumsfeld, who has taken an unprecedented role in overseeing the base closure process, is not likely to make radical moves such as putting members of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force together in "joint" combat bases.

What's more likely, says Loren Thompson, a military analyst at the Lexington Institute, is a consolidation of functions such as research labs and repair and logistics facilities from higher-cost parts of the country to areas that are considered more affordable.

That means more bases could move to the South, which is now home to many Army and Marine Corps bases and is "also uniformly supportive of the military," Thompson says.

What is this "uniform support"? We puzzle over that one. We do know the vast bulk of the military/industrial complex has been moved to the south thanks to pork in Congress. Ask Trent Lott and DeLay how this works! The support for signing up to fight, though, is strangely thin. Everyone wants to work at or around a military base or better yet, in a factory cranking out $2,000 toilets and $400 hammers. But when it comes to signing up to die, the South seems to be lacking every bit as much as the north.

Rumsfeld's desire to get the military branches to cooperate more closely. Such efforts are a cornerstone of his plan to transform the nation's fighting forces.

Like making us city people become the tax slaves of the Machine? Seriously, the only reason why we are so lackisdasial about all this is because the pesky Chinese and Japanese who infuriate us by playing sophisticated currency games, are funding all of this mayhem. If they did not, taxes would have to double. This isn't a win/win situation. Eventually, the cities will bleed dry as they struggle to maintain military bases down south where they already don't pay anything approaching their fair share. This "killer welfare" program will ravage the cities worse than any gang warfare.

Already we have a scandal at the Air Force Academy, seemingly the refuge of not only rapists and harrassers but now religious nut cases making life hell for anyone daring to join the officer corps while not being a fundamentalist Christian.

Moving all our military down to this intolerant southern environment will only accelerate forces at work that are causing us huge problems in Muslim countries. If we want the Apocalypse, this is the way to hell.

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