Monday, May 02, 2005

Bush and Blair Conspired to Create Causus Bellus

Defendant Julius Streicher, Editor-in-Chief of the venomous antisemitic paper, Der Stürmer, on the stand during the Nuremberg Trials. Streicher was sentenced to death by hanging.

The election in England is causing some very interesting documents to come floating out of the dark depths of No 11 Downing Street. We all suspected, we web bloggers and commentators on the left, that Bush and Blair were conspiring to start a war no matter what in 2002. We discussed this a great deal. This issue was ignored by the news media who are now crying in their cups because they are losing intelligent readers. Boo hoo.

But as usual, we were right and the official story line that Bush and Blair were "pushed reluctantly by events" is all hogwash. When the world was shaken by record breaking antiwar demonstrations during the run up to this obviously illegal war, we had speaker after speaker talking about how this war was a conspiracy between Blair and Bush and how this is illegal.

Well, well, well. You could have had a more accurate review of the news if you read the zillions of home made posters featured at these demonstrations. I was very impressed by them. Seldom had I seen so many handmade and intelligent takes on the news in a demonstration. Many alluded directly to Halliburton, for example. This is due entirely to the existence of the internet and the selfless efforts of many bloggers and forum residents in uncovering the true nature of what is happening.

Now this document verifies what we figured out using our brains.

The Independent News of the UK says:

"...a document obtained by this newspaper reveals the Foreign Office legal advice given to Mr Blair in March 2002, before he travelled to meet Mr Bush at his Texas ranch. It contains many of the reservations listed nearly a year later by the Attorney General in his confidential advice to the Prime Minister, which the Government was forced to publish last week, including the warning that the US government took a different view of international law from Britain or virtually any other country."

Used to be, the NYT and WP broke these sorts of stories. Now the NYT is fighting with self righteous abandon the charges that their reporter was a conduit for leaks from the WH attacking a secret CIA agent exposing both her and her contacts to death threats all in the name of stopping Mr. Wilson from testifying about the forged yellow cake documents! Instead of investigating the illegal war and the forgeries, the NYT decided to co-conspire with the WH in yet another, seperate crime.

Now they want us to pressure the prosecutors to not charge them with crimes. Along with DeLay and all the other violators of the laws of the land, they wanted Clinton to obey the law while they and their buddies do as they please.

No wonder they are crying about losing readers. They exist on my computer only as a joke or jumping off point for attacks on themselves.

Back to these revelations: Blair should be arrested. He is a war criminal. So is Bush. The Nazis and Japanese warlords were all charged with this crime and executed. There is no escaping this. Eventually, it will happen. If it doesn't, maybe worse things will happen.

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