Friday, May 13, 2005

Bush Keeps Opening Cans of Worms

Unlike the Lebenon pictures which were plastered all over America, this is how most Muslims feel about us

As civil unrest and dissention spreads across Muslim countries, America blunders onwards. The lastest attempt at winning hearts and minds has crashed in flames.

The US secretary of state has promised prompt action if allegations of desecration of the Koran at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp prove true.
But Condoleezza Rice appealed to Muslims to resist calls for violence, after at least seven deaths in three days of protests in Afghanistan.

The US authorities say they are investigating the allegations.

Ms Rice said desecration was abhorrent and disrespect for the Koran would not be tolerated.

The Saudi government has said the inquiry should be rapid and, if the allegations are found to be true, measures should be taken to prevent it ever happening again.

We are sorry to inform Condi Rice that "investigating allegations" is about the most meaningless thing this inept diplomat can say at this point. Not even to keep allies do we investgate anything except to grant ourselves innocence. We are never guilty of any malice or misunderstanding. We even had the temerity to tell our fading Italian allies that it was all their fault we shot them dead. Silly people.

So now the Pentagon will do another tedius investigation. We are certain they will discover no one will admit doing this and the witnesses are in a Nazi style Nacht und Nebel camp so they have no say in the matter and besides, who cares? We will mouth apologies Japanese style while going about doing what we were doing, anyway. Take that and bring 'em on!

"I am asking that all our friends around the world reject incitement to violence by those who would mischaracterise our intentions," she said.

"Appropriate action" would be taken if the allegations proved true, she added.

Since there is zero chance of the allegations being proven aside from the testimony of outraged Muslims, America will let this slide too.

President Hamid Karzai said the violence showed the inability of Afghan authorities to handle such protests.

Two United Nations guest houses were attacked in Jalalabad, as were shops and government buildings, and the offices of two international aid groups were destroyed. Many foreign aid agency personnel are being pulled out too. There were also reports of anti-US protests in the south-eastern city of Khost, and in Laghman province, where a demonstration was dispersed peacefully by police.

Karazi is screaming for help here. Today the riots spread to our other unhappy ally, Pakistan. They were busy torturing their latest capture to gain information so they can suppress the bin Laden revolution and here we go, pouring fuel on bin Laden's fire giving him yet another victory. For you see, this is a great victory for bin Laden. We capture and torture or kill his people but in doing this we confirm everything he said about us, that we are devils out to degrade Islam and we should be destroyed. So for every one we eliminate they are replaced by a legion dedicated to "Death To America!"

This is why violence and war is the last attempt not the first thing one does when one merely wants to be safe. Obviously, our goal has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with hypercontrolling people we hate.

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