Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bush Loves Cemetaries But Hates Funerals

Bush visiting WWII cemetary

Every week I see pictures of Bush at some ceremony laying wreaths at various graves from past conflicts. He loves doing this and does this with depressing frequency. This is probably why he had a directive out to hide all photos of coffins pouring in from Iraq and why they and the injured arrive only at night and why the media doesn't cover any of this except if we twist arms very hard, it is hard work covering present wars! But lavish pictures and TV coverage of Bush looking "solemn" as he pontificates like the NaziPope in the Vatican.

Bush has not attended a single funeral of anyone killed in the fighting in the Middle East. Not even Tillman, the supposed "hero" due to friendly fire who died fighting in battle. Bush loves military graveyards even as he went AWOL during war himselfinto the National Guard. The press couldn't riddle out exactly when he went AWOL or how he managed to get an honorable discharge despite his drug arrests and obvious manipulation of information thanks to daddy being in a powerful postition during the Vietnam war... anything concerning this. Obsured totally from their collective perviews.

So dear "my husband thinks a male horse is a cow after manipulating the horse's penis" Laura Bush lays flowers and plants tiny American flags on graves of long dead soldiers and then will go home where she can ignore the flood of corpses pouring into the secret landing strip in Delaware. She would rather wash her hair and watch TVthan visit that airport at night and plant tiny flags on those coffins.

Anyway, the press and Bush and TV and everyone is supposed to not connet the dots! The Greatest Generation is the gravest generation.

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