Monday, May 23, 2005


Bush is happy. Once again, American human rights abuses are glossed over, "not your fault" and "the buck stops with Lyndie, not me" and etc. A lifetime free pass from any responsiblity seems the key here. Today, Karazi, our puppet running Afghanistan every bit as well as the fomer communists puppets ran things for the Soviets, is here to beg for money and "Please let me run the military operations" and other grovelling subjects and Bush cheerfully said, "No".
"It's a partnership that establishes regular high level exchange on political, security and economic issues of mutual interest," Mr. Bush said.Mr. Karzai said several times during a White House news conference that he did not blame the United States for the abuse of Afghan prisoners in a United States military prison in Bagram in 2002, where two Afghan men died.

"We are of course sad about that," he said. "But let me make sure that you all know that does not reflect on the American people."

The Afghan president added: "The prisoner abuse thing is not at all a thing we attribute to anybody else but those individuals The Afghan people are grateful, very, very much to the American people, and recognize that individual acts do not reflect either on governments or on societies. These things happen everywhere."
Once again, as Bush, "Bring me the head of bin Laden in dry ice" slithers away from responsiblity and pins all the blame on the lowest possible level. We wonder why soldiers continue to serve this man. Don't they get tired of trying to please him and then getting kicked in the teeth? Aren't their families worried that people following orders suddenly find out there are no orders, only "suggestions" and that they are 100% responsible? As for "everyone does this," exactly who are we talking about? Russia? North Korea? Uzbekistan? How charming. All vicious dictatorships do this!
Prior to his meeting with Mr. Bush, Mr. Karzai had said he would press the United States to turn over Afghan prisoners and to consult with Afghan authorities before raiding homes and villages to look for insurgents. He made no mention of either issue during the news conference.
Of course, he is a puppet. At home, he told everyone he would do these things but Bush probably offered him some sort of personal bribe. So he will come home with virtually nothing that can be called "sovereign". Indeed, his Pinnocio status is now complete. Bush might think twisting this puppet's arm is a sign that we are strong. He is now strutting around the WH, chest out, proud of his personal "tough negotiator" status confirmed.
"In terms of more say over our military, our relationship is one of cooperate and consult," Mr. Bush said. "Of course, our troops will respond to U.S. commanders, but our U.S. commanders and our diplomatic mission there is in a consultative relationship with the government."
Note how this latest "consultation" happened. Karzai's latest consultation consisted of him saying "Yas, master". Bush might think this is pretty nifty. Everyone mouths soothing words and then the blood continues to flow.

Fighting in Afghanistan isn't dropping off, it is increasing. The influence of both the Taliban and bin Laden is on the rise. The war on drugs that Bush capriciously decided on will reap a whirlwind of reprisals since this is cutting the peasants off from their only source of income. Another lie is the line, "The riots were not over the desecration of the Koran (and American soldiers shooting unarmed demonstrators)". This is totally false. We know the whole media structure is bending over backwards to pretend this isn't happening but we can read and we know they wrote signs about the Koran being desecrated and they were very angry specifically about this. Pretending it was "antidemocracy" demonstrations is a gigantic lie and the puppet, Karzai, should be ashamed to spout such garbage.

Like the Pentagon lies about the famous football player. Everyone knows his family is not utterly estranged from the ruler in DC and unlike Bush and his buddies and puppets, they are not about to grant him a "Get Out of Abu Ghraib Free" card.

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