Monday, May 09, 2005

China Wins Struggle With Japan

No, this isn't Gitmo, it is the Chinese equivelent

The final player has given up and is no longer resisting the Hu/Wen dynamic duo. Koizumi read the tea leaves. He watched Bush and Condi's trippy trip up the Volga River and realized he is doomed. So quietly, discreetly, behind Bush and Condi's backs, he sends an emissary to China and surrenders.

A Japanese senior official said here Sunday that Japan attaches importance on its relations with Asian countries, China in particular, and spokes highly of Chinese President Hu Jintao's proposal on promoting development of China-Japan ties.

"Only by keeping sound relations with other countries across the world, especially the neighboring countries, can Japan subsist, develop and maintain prosperity," said Yamazaki Taku, assistant to the Japanese prime minister, quoted by a Chinese Foreign Ministry official.

Japan will continue to adhere to the three cornerstone political documents it signed with China, stick to the one-China policy, properly handle the history issue, he said during a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju.

"Japan will work with China to push the steady development of Japan-China relations in the long run," he said.

Always, no Chinese offical leaves a meeting without this precious addendum: the one China policy is the only policy.

The encirclement of Taiwan is now virtually complete. The short lived rebellion led by Koizumi with Condi's blessings has gone poof. It is no more. As this news service made abundantly clear, it was a doomed policy from the first attempt. Indeed, astonishment that it was even attempted takes this editor's breath away. It was a most dangerous move and the end result will be the day of decision for Taiwan has moved forwards in time tremendously. Never again will the Chinese allow this situation to fester to the point that some other power can play games like this.

Taiwan's physical position is a knife at China's chest.

Today, the New York Times carried a story about prisons in China where people are held in hidden or distant camps and mistreated and even tortured. People are held without trial. People are not allowed to talk to either family or lawyers or...

Seriously, the NYT ran this story. We are supposed to be all in a hot bother over this information! Perhaps Bush and Condi should attack China for doing this terrible thing, holding Padillo prisoner without allowing him any....rats. I can't do it anymore. Being snide about the bloviating nonsense billowing through the news these days. What next? Will we attack someone for invading other countries without just cause? Or will we yell about how bad elections are in Venezuela?

The NYT does this every day. They harrass and harrangue endless whipping boys, telling them they are bad while at the same time never mentioning our own sins in the same articles. The one attacking China's prisons which sound an awful lot like our prisons!---is a typical example. Not so much as a whisper about America's duplicity here. All the ire is aimed at China. In a desperate attempt to turn American opinion against the Chinese....well, Putin told us more than once, having Bush the election thief lecture everyone about elections and vote counting is sort of...pathetic.

Our inept leaders perform some of the saddest diplomatic froo fraws for all the world to see and our press dresses this up with liberal concerns and oh, my, look at that, Mabel! exclamations and then we wonder why we are turning up empty handed more and more.

Today, China scores a very significant victory in their Long March to reunification and not a hint of this is in the press in America. Only a scornful piece accusing them of imitating our illegal and unconstitutional prison system.

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