Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Chinese Stick--Rising Military Power


The Pentagon has tagged China as our main future rival. They held war games this year right off the Chinese coast to underline our rivalry. This is why Feith signed an agreement that we will never do this again...WHAT???

We wrote about this here at Culture of Life News. We still can't believe it happened. Certainly, the USA press has been very quiet about this. We suppose the Pentagon, licking its many wounds in Iraq, is very displeased about this. Maybe they think they can fool the Chinese observers who will participate in our future war games. This is a foolish idea, of course. It assumes the Chinese are stupid or their leaders are dumb like Bush.

Few world leaders can match ours in that catagory. From the Taipei Times:

Japanese fighter jets scrambled 13 times last year in response to Chinese military aircraft approaching their airspace, up from only twice in 2003, amid growing tension between the two Asian neighbors over territorial disputes and other issues. Several of the Chinese aircraft were believed to be reconnaissance planes, said a Defense Agency spokeswoman on condition of anonymity. All turned away and no major confrontations were reported. She declined to provide further details on the approaching planes.

The spokeswoman, however, said Tokyo will continue to monitor possible violations of its air space and defend its sovereign rights over disputed islands, including the Senkaku, a group of islets in the East China Sea claimed both by Japan and China.

An incursion of a Chinese submarine into Japanese waters last year caused a military alert.

Tensions between Tokyo and Beijing have escalated recently over Japanese textbooks that critics say gloss over atrocities the country's military committed in World War II, territorial disputes and visits by Japan's prime minister to a shrine honoring its war dead. The tension has led to several violent anti-Japanese rallies in China.

Ever since the Chinese, who regularily buzzed our spy planes, knocked one out of the sky and forced Bush to apologize not once but twice, on his knees, so to speak, they have been aggressively expanding their use of air and sea space, pushing at the edges, reminding Japan about who will be boss next.

Japan and Russia also disagree over the sovereignty of a chain of islands, called Northern Territory in Japan and Kurils in Russia, after Moscow took them over in the closing days of World War II. The issue has prevented both countries from signing a peace treaty.

Japan has not signed a treaty because they hope to expand again. So they are technically at war with Russia. They want to buy oil from Russia and this is being done but Russia has pressured them repeatedly to clean up the diplomatic nicities first. The Russian and Chinese leaders play bad cop/good cop with Japan. Both would rather have Japan in their orbits but they know they can't displace American power...yet. When America falls on its face, as it will pretty soon, due to financial problems, Russia and China will be in conflict to see who dominates the Koreas and Japan.

This is why South Korea's complaints about North Korea's nukes is pretty muted. They think, between three dragons, they better be well armed. They haven't forgotten their recent history.

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