Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Continuing Collapse of our Military


Enlistment is way down. By 42% according to the news. The "stop loss" orders are causing a rush to the exit by nearly all potential troops who might even remotely be sent to the grinding hell of Iraq. Yesterday, Culture of Life News covered the story about a 50% troop reduction in South Korea and connected this with the general collapse of American miltiary power in Asia. Even with money pouring in at a historically high rate into our military, it is actually contracting in size and heft because of political corruption.

The military corporate interests report record profits even as they are utterly unable to do even the simplest task like armor Humvees or manufacture bullet proof vests. This is much worse than the Vietnam war mess. Bechtel, a big beneficiary in that war, boasts about record profits this year. Halliburton, on the ropes nearing bankruptcy, is flush with loot.

This money is available courtesy of Asia. As Asia sorts out their new, emerging relationships with each other and ourselves, the present formula is bound to change or at least warp greatly as we are forced to accede to Asian demands in order to keep the money flowing to the big military industrial giants who seem bent on being gnats when they actually cough up something for the actual soldiers.

Now we are going to reduce troops in Europe by 50%
Ray DuBois, the acting undersecretary of the Army, told a Pentagon news conference that savings gained from abandoning those bases will be reinvested in new facilities for soldiers at U.S. bases.

DuBois said the Army has calculated exactly which brigades and other units are to move back to the United States, “by quarter, by fiscal year,” and has proposed to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld which U.S. bases they would be moved to. DuBois declined to disclose more details, saying Rumsfeld was “still chewing over” some of the recommendations.

Think of all the pennies we will save! Of course, for the last ten years the troops in Europe have been nothing but a joke. They serve only one purpose: to be a staging ground for our attacks on Muslim nations. The Europeans want to veto our activities because of the grave dangers this activities cause. Yet they also want the oil and want to control the Middle East. Many European empires bled and died in attempts at controlling Muslims there for the last 1000 years.

The futility of this struggle doesn't seem to deter doing it yet again.

(refering to American bases closing) The Pentagon had said it was wasting taxpayer money by maintaining about 20 percent to 25 percent more base capacity than it needed, although Rumsfeld last week said the surplus may actually be only half that amount. His comments suggested the base closings will not be as severe as once feared in communities that rely heavily on the economic benefit of local bases.

Viewing the military/industrial complex as a great way to make money is one reason why America is rapidly becoming an international capitalist basket case. The money for this is all borrowed from our economic and political rivals and every penny spent in this fashion gravely weakens America where it counts: in the pocketbook. Paupers can't run empires. As detailed in today's financial news at this blog, China is busy courting American investors. They are not putting on shows for miltiary hardware.

Even as we contract in size, they grow. This is what "a 3.1% growth rate" compares to a "9.6% growth rate". Within these numbers reside the collapse of one empire and the emergence of another.

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