Friday, May 20, 2005


The web is talking about the latest revelations concerning torture in our secret prisons. This is the details of how we beat to death a taxi cab driver in Afghanistan, for example. Lyndie English was no where near this and all this happened long after the photos of torture broke open this story.

While the mainstream press continues to harrass Newsweek mercilessly, we wonder if water torture or hanging from the ceiling or beatings are being applied to the reporters there, the news goes insane with all sorts of bizarre doings such as this:
The US military says it is investigating "aggressively" after a picture appeared in a British paper showing Saddam Hussein half naked.
The Sun newspaper's front page image showed the former Iraqi president in a pair of white underpants. Other pictures showed Saddam Hussein washing his socks in a bowl, shuffling around and sleeping.

The US said the photos appeared to breach Geneva Convention rules on the humane treatment of prisoners of war. The conventions say countries must protect prisoners of war in their custody from "public curiosity".

The Sun cited US military sources saying they handed over the pictures showing Saddam as "an ageing and humble old man" in the hope of dealing a blow to the resistance in Iraq.

"It's important that the people of Iraq see him like that to destroy the myth," the paper's source was quoted as saying.
We see an emperor with no clothes...Bush. No brains, too. We also like the vigorous investigations the American military conducts. Find someone at the bottom of the totem pole, preferably female, and throw the book. Why are we seeing one scandal concerning our brutal and vicious treatment of prisoners after another? This is embarrassing not to mention horrifying. What ails the Pentagon? Why is Bush a moron? Why does the sun rise in the East? We can explain all of this but the real problem is why Americans puff out their chests about the USA when they look like Nazis?

There is much to laugh at in this affair. Alas, there is nothing funny about torturing prisoners to death, a la Uzbekistanian style.

5 pm NEWS:
Lawyers representing Saddam Hussein plan to sue the British tabloid that published intimate photos of the deposed Iraqi dictator, it was reported, quoting the head of the defence team.

The photos in The Sun, one of which shows Saddam wearing only his underpants, are a "violation of human rights and in contravention of the Geneva Convention" on treatment of prisoners, Ziad Khassawneh was quoted by Al-Jazeera television as saying.

Khassawneh said his team would "pursue all the necessary legal steps to see to it that those who commit such base acts against any prisoner, and especially against president Saddam, are punished."
And guess who is being sued?
Al-Jazeera itself said that it chosen not to publish the photos for "professional and moral reasons."

In contrast, its chief competitor, Al-Arabiya television showed an image of the Sun's front page. US tabloid newspaper, the New York Post, ran the same photo on its front page, under the banner headline "Butcher of Sagdad."

The intimate photo, along with three other pictures, were billed as an "exclusive" borrowed from The Sun. Both newspapers are owned by Australian-born media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.
It is rather amusing how America thinks it can do whatever it wants. Remember, we reported earlier that Rumsfeld evidently visited Saddam and begged him to help stop the uprising. When Saddam laughed at him, this is the result. One wonders if this sort of juvenalia is ultimately inspired by super child himself, Bush.

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