Sunday, May 01, 2005

Diplomacy for Dummies--a continuing series.

The White House in action: North Korea apparently launched a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan today, a move likely to raise tensions on the eve of a United Nations conference on nuclear nonproliferation.

Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, confirmed that a missile appeared to have been fired into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

With the language used by both sides sharpening, Mr. Card then denounced the North Koreans as "bullies" and called their leader, Kim Jong Il, "not a good person."

Welcome to the Nuclear Club, North Korea! You get to wave your club like the others! Geeze. You would think America would be more careful calling other nations "bullies" what with us attacking nations disarmed by the UN. The North Koreans gave good tit for tat too. Name calling is their forte! The delight in seeing any USA ambassador or spokespersons talk dirty and low down is amusing for everyone. After all, this is the Nuclear Club! No need to be subtle, right?

Meanwhile, many thousands demonstrate against all nukes including and especially American nukes. As this blog has noted, America not only has nukes it wants more nukes and to use them for more purposes. It is OK to extend one's nuclear power if one is a nuclear power.

North Korea agrees, unfortunately. Of course, the American officials don't want to talk to or about the anti nuclear war protestors. They want to talk only about Iran or North Korean nukes as if those two countries are alone not allowed to be utterly irresponsible and destructive like we are.

Iran in particular needs nukes. They are menaced nearly daily by the major nuclear power, the USA and they have something the USA wants: oil. Ergo, they above all countries, need nukes for self preservation. The same goes for Venezuela, too. Just this week, Condi complained to Putin about arming that oil rich nation. She thinks the Venezuelans should be defenceless.

Like Saddam.

On with the circus! Bring on the elephants...

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