Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Germany Says No To Nukes

Visit Chernobyl by bike

I remember the huge antinuke demonstrations in Europe when Reagan took over America and talked tough. Alarmed, many Germans protested. Then Russia, bled dry by military adventures in the same places that are bleeding the USA dry, went bankrupt. Especially after the Chernobyl melt down. Many Americans like to think fondly that we brought down the Berlin Wall by being tough. Most Americans are unaware that the Germans made many deals with the Soviets prior to the wall falling.

Now the Cold War is gone. The hyper power that menaces world peace is American. We have nukes in Germany supposedly for war with Russia who is supposed to be our friend now, no?

Members of Germany's ruling coalition on Monday demanded that all US nuclear weapons in Europe be scrapped, ahead of a major non-proliferation meeting in New York.
Amid Greenpeace protests against the weapons in front of the German foreign ministry, Greens leader Claudia Roth told the daily Berliner Zeitung that the missiles were a relict of the Cold War.

"They should be withdrawn and destroyed," she said.

An estimated 150 atomic weapons are stationed on German soil out of a total of about 480 in Europe. In a case of self-defense after a nuclear attack, they would be carried by German Tornado jets under current pacts.

But America says the nukes stay and since the European Union has no real military or diplomatic power, the nukes stay, so take that, silly American ally. We don't care what you want or say. We stand for freedom and...well, you get the picture. Diplomacy for Dummies says, "If you alienate your allies you end up with enemies".

And the leader of the liberal opposition Free Democrats, Guido Westerwelle, said the nuclear weapons in Europe were futile because they were all relatively short-range and would only be able to target states that are allies today.

Ahem. "If you alienate ALLIES..." I remember Bush talking about terriers and bariffs and how he was going to make our allies hostile. The press then cleaned up his truthful babblings and say, "He really didn't mean to say that" but alas, he did.

All of this is because of the congress at the UN to rewrite nuclear proliferation treaties. There are many who want the major powers to disarm but none of the major powers want to disarm, they only want to prevent oil rich nations like Iran from getting nuclear bombs because then they could be used as a shield to prevent American invasions and Americans want that oil so no bombs for Iran.

The screeching about WMD from America isn't just laughable, it is pathetic. It shows our weak underbelly. We can't take any real military opposition. We must disarm the world so we can dominate it. Our vast military/industrial machine is, guess what?

Bankrupting us. Just like it bankrupted Russia.

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