Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ground Zero Project Collapses


Some things are doomed before they begin. As explained by our news service here, rebuilding a fancy target tower is a foolish exercise that would amuse only bin Laden. Now the news is piling in:
everyone is backing out.

The man appointed by Gov. George E. Pataki to oversee the multibillion-dollar rebuilding effort at the World Trade Center site announced his resignation yesterday, a development that added one more measure of uncertainty to what is the city's largest civic project in decades.

As we guessed from day one, no corporate entity is so suicidal as to want to put offices at Ground Zero:

The decision by the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs to shelve plans for building a headquarters near ground zero was another setback. And to this day, three and a half years after the destruction of the two towers, a number of the architects, engineers and designers involved in the rebuilding effort have complained privately that a lack of creativity and communication still besets the project.

Here is why nothing will ever be built there:

"This resignation has come too soon," said Frederic M. Bell, executive director at the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. "It's going to be hard for someone new to understand the critical intersection of the memorial and the cultural facilities, and how to make that happen in real time."

"Real time"? Time to get real. Earth to Pataki: no sane person wants to work in a graveyard. This is why we don't put offices in cemetaries. You don't go there to relax, either. The feng shui of the WTC ruins is terrifically strong in a bad way.

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