Monday, May 23, 2005


Back on 12/12/00, at midnight, after talking to a reporter on the phone who was standing outside the Supreme Court, reading the Bush vs Democracy ruling, I said in a rage, "Well, since the right wing supremacy claim we can't count the votes because several different machines were used and thus there was no uniformity, now I can file a motion demanding uniform national standards for voting and make it a neutral office."

"You can't do that," the reporter said. "It says here on the last page that this ruling is unique and can't be used as a precedent."


"WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled, waking up my husband. "That is IMPOSSIBLE."

Well, that astonishing ruling was not only allowed to stand but not only the Republicans but the Democrats refused to move to change anything at all. Today, voting is a ridiculous, badly run hodgepodge. I stopped bothering going to DC to lobby about this. No one was interested in the end.

Now here we are, spiralling down the rabbit hole into the Darkness of Tyranny, screaming about bringing democracy to Iraq...where 5 more soldiers were blown up today and countless others, too. Yay, Democracy. Wave that purple finger.

When the GOP cheated with all those odd 18181 wins in Congress, I warned the Democrats to walk out of Congress and boycott it because of lack of proper voting mechanisms and as usual, they said they can win in the next election with the corporate media snapping like an irritable turtle at them and besides, people will come to their senses and see that we are going bankrupt with the insane tax cuts and rank corruption but guess what?

We lost again thanks to squirrelly voting systems and inept vote counting and a Skull and Bones conspirator throwing in the towel, did you know the Repubs are STILL in court in Washington state demanding a recount of the last election? Huh? They never ever give up. What gives?

So here we are, the Democrats in the Senate "get to keep" the filibuster but only if they never use it. Only Thurmond was allowed this privilege because he was trying to oppress blacks which is evidently OK, no?

Guess what?

Sometimes you have to walk out. And yell. A lot. And show you are really committed to being pissed off. I spent much of my life fighting for things I wanted or needed or thought were just. This involved being beaten up, put in jail, harassed at home, spied upon and yelled at all the time.

SO WHAT! Some of my heroes were murdered. This didn't cause them to hesitate! This isn't a game. This is isn't a strategy.

This is a FREAKING WAR. If the Democrats want to preserve "peace" well, they better learn something fast: other people are killing each other in massive numbers in Iraq because they are fighting over something important and isn't our Constitution important?

If the GOP runs America like a dictatorship, at least force them to do it openly. Stop pretending this is a game that we score points if we can keep our little duckies lined up. This is not a dilettante fun and games. The GOP doesn't dominate so utterly because they WON anything, they have total control on the slenderest of threads and this is thanks to corporate America who are working day and night to enslave us.

Well, when this crashes down, I expect something new to arise. Lord help us all, I pray it isn't the Nazi party.

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