Friday, May 20, 2005

*JAPAN PROVOKES CHINA--possibly could end violently

Japanese war shrine
Culture of Life News tracks certain odd items. One of them is the ongoing interisland dispute between China and Japan, the number two and number three economies of the world. Just last month, Japan unilaterally declared soveriegnty over disputed islands that are on top of a disputed possible gas/oil field.

The dispute just got hiked up a notch today:
China Thursday expressed anger with several Japanese citizens' registration of permanent addresses on the Diaoyu Islands, saying that China "will never accept" any of Japan's unilateral moves on the islands.

The Japanese government announced Tuesday that 18 Japanese citizens have registered permanent addresses on the islands, a group of islets in the East China Sea.

Asked to comment on the issue, Kong said China's stance on the Diaoyu Islands was "clear and consistent."

"I reiterate that the Diaoyu and surrounding islands have been parts of the Chinese territory since ancient times. China holds indisputable historical and lawful evidence on the issue," he said.

He said any unilateral move taken by Japan on the Diaoyu Islands is a serious infringement on China's territorial sovereignty and is "unlawful and invalid."

"China firmly opposes such moves and will never accept them," Kong told a regular press briefing.
Just like the issue of reunification with Taiwan, China has made it very clear this squabble, unless it is dealt with diplomatically, is capable of triggering a military response. This editor knows that Japan would never make aggressive moves unless they are given the green light in DC. The fact that the USA doesn't condemn these unilateral destabilizing actions speaks louder than words.

Perhaps the USA, trapped by bad choices into going deeply into debt and trade deficits with China is using Japan to deliberately create a crisis which they will then "solve". This is a very dangerous game to play. It takes sophistication and skill to do, like, say, Bismark levels. Or at least Kissingerian levels of duplicity and deceit.

And again, the war shrine visits come up again:
"I don't understand why I should stop visiting Yasukuni Shrine," Koizumi was quoted by Kyodo News as saying at a House of Representatives Budget Committee session. "I will decide when it is appropriate to go."

Kong Quan cited the shrine visits by Japanese leaders as one of the most difficult issues in current China-Japan political relations, saying that the issue reflects what the Japanese government thinks about Japan's history of aggression against other Asian countries.
This aggressive militant in your face attitude after kow towing just last month is astonishing. What happened this last week? Koizumi said:
Quoting Confucius, a defiant Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Monday defended his annual visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine, shrugging off the uproar they inevitably cause in Asia.

Referring to wartime Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, one of 14 Class-A war criminals enshrined at Yasukuni, Koizumi told the Lower House Budget Committee: ``They cite Tojo (as a reason to stop the visits). But Confucius says, `Condemn the offense, but pity the offender.'''
This is sadly simple: Bush attacked China concerning the yuan and demanded they change now and let only the Japanese manipulate their currency, not China. This has angered the Chinese a great deal. Americans who think Japan is going to be our best friend better check their wallets. Japan is a very dangerous cat's paw.

Just three days ago, China asked Japan to open their markets and do free trade. They refused. They refuse to do this with America, too. They are a determinedly closed market and want to keep it closed. Why the USA is co-conspiring in this is a riddle this editor can only guess at. Like our relations with Saudi Arabia, perhaps we are suicidal.

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