Monday, May 02, 2005

Mangled Mandate Goes Poof

No, the mandate isn't Bush holding hands and kissing the Sheik of Araby, it is the mandate of the election, so called.

Doubts About Mandate for Bush, GOP screams the Washington Post.

The writers continue to wonder and amaze that there isn't really a Republican Revolution and there isn't a huge outpouring for pro-Bush policies. This last election was "close" and most of the voting was on machines owned by the GOP and lo and behold, there it is: they thought that by stealing three elections no one would notice and everyone would be fooled into supporting policies that have little public support.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, what the hell?

The famous 18181 vote totals for not just one or even two Republicans but a total of five GOP winners in 2002 was way off the scale of random chance. All these vote totals were for Diebold machines which are owned by right wing fundimentalist Republicans.

The 2000 election was called off when the Supreme Court openly refused to allow legal vote counting in Florida.

Now it is official: less than half the nation likes Bush or wants to be ruled by the GOP. This distaste is growing into real anger as the GOP rushes into messes even angels fear to tread like undoing Social Security.

Yesterday in Russia there were angry demonstrations against Putin because he and his party have destroyed Soviet Social Security. Putin destroyed opposition leaders before the recent "election" there and he thought, like Bush, no one would notice and all would be fooled into thinking there is some mandate.

So the streets fill with very angry Russians. Just like in Ukraine or Lebanon or the streets! This seems to work, doesn't it? In America our capital is kept far from other industries or enterprises. Washington DC has only one industry: the politics of running the military/industrial/tax machine.

Nearly everyone living near that place is deeply involved in keeping it running no matter how much it destroys much of America. This is why it is so insulated. People have to spend a great deal of money and time and energy to travel there and once there, you have to find housing while demonstrating.

Right after our fake election polls revealed this startling news: one month later in December, Bush is the most profoundly unpopular reelected President in history. This amazing news didn't send our press which co-conspires with the GOP to bring us these increasingly fake elections, into pondering the utility of fake elections. Not a breath about THAT! No, they try in vain to locate this puzzling unpopularity and wonder if it was caused by one thing or another.

Well, Culture of Life News tracks news stories closely. We noticed at that time, in Dec, 2004, that there was virtually nothing in the news to make Bush more unpopular. Nothing had changed except for the "great victory" in Fallujah. That should have made him wildly popular since he and the military were touting that as a great victory.

Well, it is now official: our so called election was fake. Bush's mandate is strictly with men he dates and his desperate housewife, Laura, is lonely in bed because he is sleeping with the Sheik of Araby.

Meanwhile, the GOP tries to shut down PBS by making it as dumb as CNN or Fox TV. I wonder when they will demand PBS do a special about Paris Hilton's pet dog.

Not content with destroying the content of nearly all the media in a mad rush to blanket America with rank propaganda, the right wing wants to dumb down an already moronic public TV network, look at what is happening to poor Sesame Street! Anyway, the right wing imagines they will corner the market of ideas. Sort of like going shopping and finding out there is only wall to wall Walmarts...people go elsewhere to shop. And increasingly, people turn to the net for news. I do. I now get zero news from American TV. I don't even watch TV anymore at all. I watch TV from other nations.

For analysis of the news, I go to blogs ever more. Indeed, reading the "comments" sections of the blogs is better than reading the blogs themselves (OH NO!!!) heh. I love seeing how other see and what I see is a collective rage because of our collective ability to see the obvious. And it is obvious for anyone who wants to know what is happening.

I remember years ago the NYT complained about how hard it was to "connect the dots" and I sent a long and furious reply telling them exactly, with evidence, how the dots connect (follow the money trail!) and they blinked, went blind and then continued to be clueless.

So, read this news service! I make many mistakes and you all tromp on me for them, even slight errors are caught like fish in a net, THANK YOU!!! I love it! Heh! Keep up the good work, everyone.

Welcome to the mandate that is a girldate.

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