Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Many Muslim Problems Pile Up

Tiananmen square protests

We just witnessed an Uzbekian Tiananmen Square event which wasn't covered very much by American media since the participants in the peaceful demonstration that was brutally supressed were all Muslims. They weren't protesting to install someone selected by American NGOs. They did this thing on their own and did it because their leaders are religious people who, like the liberation priests in South America, are being harrassed or killed because they insist on helping the poor masses.

Uzbek security forces have sealed off the centre of Andijan city, where many people were shot dead on Friday.
A BBC correspondent says troops are on the streets, apparently hunting the leaders of anti-government protests.

It is still not known how many people died when soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in the city square. Estimates vary from dozens to hundreds.

Relatives are frantically searching morgues, hospitals and the city's streets for those who died. "I have been looking for two days for the bodies of my brothers," Bakhadyr Yergachyov told the AFP news agency. "I know that they had gone to the square to participate in the demonstrations."

America has troops in that unhappy land. Our troops are there for one reason: to suppress the peasants if they dare act on their Musliim faith. We will hunt down and assassinate or murder them. The dictator of that land moves with impunity because he has the full support of the Christians in Russia and America to kill off or at least muzzle the Muslims. This joint action whereby crusaders from the West gang up on the native populations to deny them voice has been a program in the West for around 1000 years. It is a very old fight that the West is always doomed to lose in the end since all it does is strengthen the faith of the followers of Mohammed. Every time the religion decays and falters the Western Crusaders invade and revive it yet again. We are witnessing this right now.

America's sole concern in Uzbekistan is this:

The US State Department expressed concern on Friday that members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan were freed during the storming of a prison in the eastern part of the country. Spokesman Richard Boucher noted that the IMU is officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization.

He said the United States is looking to all parties involved in the deadly confrontation in Andijan to exercise restraint. The United States regrets the violence, Boucher said, noting that it has been "consistently critical" of the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

"Both sides show restraint" means what? The protestors who sat in the square should have what?

Gone home, of course, and protest only in fenced in "Free Speech Zones" like in America. Here in America, real protests are often brutally supressed, too. We go home, of course, and do nothing more only because our government has not yet begun to really brutalize us at home...but they plan to do this as they shred the social safety net. The protestors in Uzbekistan made it pretty clear that they are protesting the dismal living conditions in their country. America makes it crystal clear that it doesn't give a fig about the living conditions of the people in that land. All we want is control...of the peasants and the towns people. Control so they don't interfere with our oil pumping and guarding the pipes that drain all that oil to the coasts so we can ship it to rich countries. Cutting out the poor Muslim masses is what this is all about. Saudi Arabia is a socialist state with a huge layer of useless Saudi Royals sucking up most of the wealth.

Which is why Iraq broils.
Before Hadi bin Mubarak Qahtani exploded himself into an anonymous fireball, he was young and interested only in "fooling around."

Like many Saudis, he was said to have experienced a religious awakening after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and dedicated himself to Allah, inspired by "the holy attack that demolished the foolish infidel Americans and caused many young men to awaken from their deep sleep," according to a posting on a jihadist Web site.

So Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca, keeper of the faith, is home of many Jihadists who want to destroy the Christian Crusaders. Knock me over with a scimitar! Meanwhile:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has arrived in Irbil in the Kurdish north of Iraq on an unpublicised visit.
She arrived as Iraqi authorities said the bodies of 34 people, some beheaded, had been found in three locations.

Meanwhile four people died in bomb attacks in Baquba, and two officials were shot dead in Baghdad.

But Ms Rice said the insurgency, which has claimed more than 400 lives in recent weeks, could be beaten if Iraqis saw a "strong political alternative".

Ms Rice flew into Irbil amid tight secrecy.

Bush flies around America under tight security and his former Security Officer does the same overseas. She is little loved. When people do business with her they are all smiles because she is easily fooled but she charges around kicking ant hills and popping allies in the eye. They all smile. Showing teeth.

Ms Rice said a political process, as much as military means, would play their part in defeating the insurgents.

But she said she was concerned that Sunni Muslims were not taking a full part in that process, and had only token representation on a committee set up to draft a new constitution.

There used to be demonstrations in Iraq. We had them brutally suppressed just like our puppet rulers in other Muslim nations brutally suppress demonstrations there. We imagine this activity will enhance our power and insure the final victory in our crusade for the Oily Grail. We think this will end eventually with us in total control and the peasants and town people utterly under out thumb and willing to live in poverty forever until we are done with them and cast them aside.

This idea is very funny since their program to destroy us bit by bit is working. We are in a race against the clock, spending the vast bulk of our future wealth in this mad enterprise that is going to gain us very little in the end. The oil will run out and our empire will collapse and that is the good scenario. The ill will we are creating as we use our guns to force these people to interact with us can only have a bad end eventually. Perhaps we can succeed in this theft of their natural resources but I don't think this will happen.

News from Russia today: because Putin took over the oil industry there, Russia suddenly is paying off the last of the IMF loans. This means they will be much stronger since they don't owe trillions of dollars to someone like the Chinese, for example.

A warning to the USA which not only doesn't tax the oil companies that are making all this money, but is also ripping off Americans. We could balance our budget if we stopped letting them take advantage of us all.

But then, we aren't as desperate as the Muslims...yet.

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