Friday, May 06, 2005

No Girlz Allowed in Pentagon Tree House


It is now official: only the women will be held responsible for prison torture. The Pentagon wants to put Lundie England in prison for being photogentic. As if the girl at the bottom of the totem pole ran the prison in Iraq! And this is why no agency was allowed to inspect our prison in Cuba! Or the scandal of the torture memos written by men for men in the White House. Virtually no one is responsible for the torture but the girl walking in the halls of Abu Ghraib.

Worse, the general in charge of this obviously sanctioned from the very top torture, the person who kept her official eyes officially diverted with the encouragement of her superior officers, even as they themselves say she wasn't responsible, yet she is being severely punished and diminished to rank of colonel! Well, none of the top big boys like Rumsfeld is responsible. Certainly not "the buck stops in my wallet" Bush.

The girlz did it all on their own.

Funny, I looked at all the photographs. 99% of the people in them are males. Many many men. The interrogators are men. There is even on picture showing a muscular man in high heels and a miniskirt torturing a prisoner. I notice he isn't being put on trial. The head reels. Here is a man in the homophobic military crossdressing! And they don't care about him. But Lundie! Oh, the mercy. I am happy a judge threw out her desperate guilty plea. He smells a rat.

I smell a chauvinist pig.

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