Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nuclear Mindlessness


As America frets about nuclear attacks the GOP talks about "going nuclear" over judicial appointments. As the only country on earth to use nukes to kill civilians we hold the right to talk tough while whining about the possibility that others might get nukes.

Why is this? As the link above shows, we fear terrorist attacks:

When asked during the campaign debates to name the gravest danger facing the United States, President Bush and challenger Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) gave the same answer: a nuclear device in the hands of terrorists.

But more than 3 1/2 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the U.S. government has failed to adequately prepare first responders and the public for a nuclear strike, according to emergency preparedness and nuclear experts and federal reports.

I remember the fifties and sixties when everyone was afraid of nuclear attacks. Most of my childhood was spent at a series of ground zeros, military installations the Soviets would want to wipe out the first minutes of a nuclear war. Of course, we did various useless drills. Like crawling under the desk. My father told us that would be utterly useless. My family had totally different instructions.

"If you hear many jets taking off suddenly from Davis Monthan...RUN. Drop everything and run home. Mom will take you to a secure place", said our dad.

So when the Cuban missile crisis happened, we didn't go to school. Everything was packed and ready to go even as the President assured everyone there was nothing to fear. He lied, of course. Luckily for us, he also had brains and didn't yell, "Bring it on" but began direct talks with Krustchev. This started the famous "hot line".

Not to long after this victory, President Kennedy visited Texas.

I was in school that morning. The teacher was diagramming sentences on the blackboard. My blood ran cold as I started counting the jets taking off. One, two, three at once, six, three more. My eyes went wide. I stood up. "I have to leave," I told the teacher. She looked startled. All the kids heard the scream of more and more jets, they were emptying out Davis Monthan fast.

I moved to the door. "Stop," said the teacher. I moved faster. The vice principal was rapidly going down the hall, visibly scared. He yelled to me to stop and I took off running like there was no tomorrow.

It wasn't nuclear war. I learned this about two miles later as I hiked home.

Back to today's annoying news. The great powers that consume oil, Europe and America, are demanding an oil producing country that is Muslim should remain unarmed because we are afraid of terrorist using nukes. Tell that to the Japanese people. The childish concept that terrorists will use nukes and only "responsible" states should have them is belied by the fact that the greatest violators of humanity and world peace nearly always are...the great powers. Seldom have small powers openly attacked great powers.

Except for terrorists who do tiny pin pricks designed to drive great powers into wars and rash activities. It works. No need for nukes when easier and smaller methods are more useful.

Pakistan has nukes and rockets and really nice jets, too. Bin Laden, who was in the news yesterday, wants Pakistan. He is there right now, organizing and working day and night to take over Pakistan. He doesn't want to nuke America. He wants to use this power to protect his home base while he overturns the corrupt administration of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

And this takes us always back to the oil. We don't want any Muslims to have any nukes because this means they can defy us and not let us steal their oil or run their internal affairs. Neither we nor the Europeans want a militarily powerful or united Muslim empire that controls world oil reserves.

Meanwhile, as we fret about nuclear destruction, the Chinese play a very sophisticated game in Asia. One that we are now mere helpless onlookers. Oil isn't the only gold in the world. But we have forgotten this lesson.

MORE NEWS: This just in from Japan.

The U.S. military is considering allowing regional combatant commanders to request presidential approval for pre-emptive nuclear strikes against possible attacks with weapons of mass destruction on the United States or its allies, according to a draft nuclear operations paper.
The March 15 paper, drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is titled "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations," providing "guidelines for the joint employment of forces in nuclear operations . . . for the employment of U.S. nuclear forces, command and control relationships, and weapons effect considerations."

"There are numerous nonstate organizations (terrorist, criminal) and about 30 nations with WMD programs, including many regional states," the paper says in recommending that commanders in the Pacific and other theaters be given an option of pre-emptive strikes against "rogue" states and terrorists and "request presidential approval for use of nuclear weapons" under set conditions.

The paper identifies nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as requiring pre-emptive strikes to prevent their use.

Here we go, down the road to WWIII. Our self granted powers of preemtive strikes means we can bomb anyone anywhere at any time at our own whim. This is why the present UN meetings about nukes is such a total farce.

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