Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rumsfeld Offered Deal to Saddam This Week


Saddam and Rumsfeld are old bosom buddies. The widely circulated photo of them shaking hands over a deal to give Saddam arms and information back in the 1980's is proof positive. According to the BBC:(courtesy of

So an Arabic newspaper report that also came out on Saddam Hussein's birthday may not have been as fanciful as it seemed.

It said that on a recent visit to Baghdad, Mr Rumsfeld secretly met Saddam Hussein, and offered him a deal: his life would be spared and he could go into exile, if he made a broadcast calling for a halt to the insurgency.

Saddam Hussein's reported response: absolute rejection and a demand for an immediate American withdrawal and war reparations.

I haven't seen the report denied, though doubtless it has been. But given the situation, it would have been a logical offer to make. Stranger things have happened.

We lost control of Iraq long ago. The ruling elite there that we are trying to put into place meet in Bagdad only under heavy armed guard and even then are killed openly. The fighting in Iraq has gotten much worse since Bush begged them to "bring it on". Recruitment for the military is off by 45% this month. There is a recruiting scandal going on thanks to a young man, David Mcswain, with budding investigative reporter abilities. Seems they will take barely warm bodies these days. No wonder the GOP wanted Terri Schiavo. They could have signed her up! They are taking in grannies and gramps and Jr and Mary Jane and anyone who can limp with one leg and a crutch.

Out of the 50 million supposed Bush voters you would think at least a few dozen would volunteer to fight in a war they evidently wanted pretty badly. But a mere six months later, most have cold feet. Frozen in ice.

So Rummy went to his old buddy to beg. Our leaders do this all the time, they read "Begging for Dummies" here on this blog. This is why they are so good at it only it doesn't work if the begging doesn't make sense. And Saddam is enjoying watching the USA squirm. He isn't going to let us off the hook, not yet. He understands we can't bring him to trial. "Killed his own people" isn't going to fly in an increasingly bloody Iraq.

Just two days ago, in between the screaming headlines about the missing bride was the story of two multi million dollar jets going down in flames while straffing the streets around "pacified" Fallujah. Dead pilots, lost planes, ten dead soldiers elsewhere that day and not one paper carrried the headline, "Many AMERICAN casualties in Iraq". I see many headlines about the dead Iraqis and nearly always, the number of dead AMERICANS are buried deep within the story or they appear singlarily, "One died here, another died there" with no photos and no totals.

It wasn't this stupid during the Vietnam mess. At least they listed the American dead each day. And back then, the voters who wanted Nixon refused to fight for Nixon. They all stayed home and griped and grumped about hippies refusing to fight. Today, the hippie haters run America and their own children hide at home and grump and complain and whine while no one volunteers to fight.

Saddam is going to laugh to death before he is ever executed.

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