Wednesday, May 18, 2005


"Diplomacy for Dummies" is one book the Chinese don't need to read anymore. Culture of Life News was amused to notice India and China suddenly, without warning, overnight, without even wrangling, settled old border disputes that still cause tremendous violence periodically, even wars. Poof! Gone! Wen and Hu visit and wave the magic diplomacy wand and presto!

No more messes.

After Bush and Condi insulted and then kissed up to and then kow towed and waved to the Stalinist hit parade, went off and insulted Putin just one more time, leaving Russia empty handed and empty headed, Wen and Hu quietly went to work the day before the deranged duo blew in and the week afterwards, quietly visiting Putin and now this:

Ratification of an additional agreement on the state border between Russia and China fully meets Russia's interests and will contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries, foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said in the Duma today.

Lavrov commented that the document had been agreed upon with all interested ministries and agencies. The agreement was signed in Beijing in October 2004. Russian parliament is expected to ratify it on May 20. China approved in April this year.

OK. Why is this a tiny side story Culture of Life News sifted out of the ether? Open any major American paper and there is zero mention of this story. It isn't important? Like the sun spitting x-rays suddenly at us, we think not. Some news does matter even if the significance isn't obvious to untrained eyes. This is why "pundits" were supposed to exist. Ahem.

This is big honking news! When this editor was a teenager, she submitted a paper called "The inevitability of a border war between two communist states: Russia and China". This was in 1966. Dad said, "You have been spying again". Well, it finally came out years later, there was a border clash, a significant one that was kept secret. But it was inevitable. As this editor deduced back then.

The settlement of this specific border which involves Mongolia as well is of great significance. The border of Manchuria has been the flash point of wars going back to...the Mongol invasions nearly a thousand years ago.

So this should be rather important news. What I detect here is a certain global power lining up a bunch of duckies in neat rows in expectation of the day which is soon to arrive: CNN runs a panel on "China Rising".
Participants debated on various subjects, ranging from China's economic growth to China's foreign relations. Panelists agreed that China's rise means more gain for the world, rather than fear.

Their consensus coincided with the result of an on-line poll bythe Answering the question of "Does the world have more to gain or more to fear from the emergence of China as an economicpower?" 69 percent of voters voted for "more to gain" while 31 percent voted for "more to fear" at CNN's website, according to Clancy.

With China set to become the world's largest economy by mid-century, and with its international influence on the rise, CNN is airing a unique week of live and special features from Beijing, named "Eye on China".

Um. whenever an empire loses status and power they also lose economic strength. All power and strength is relative not absolute. So if China is the world's largest economy this means...

The End. Our End. Period. Displaced. Gone with the wind time. We will not dominate the earth. We will not eat 24% of the world's resources. We won't even faintly be number one. No empire goes down quietly unless....Britain's fall spanned not one but two world wars.

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