Tuesday, May 24, 2005


As China and Japan wrangle over the Koizumi visits to the War Shrine and both countries wrangle over creating exclusive trade compacts with all and sundry, America merrily taipsies down the path of the Soviet Union. We seem to think that filling the military vacuum created by the collapse and bankruptcy of the Soviet State is a neat trick. Oh boy! Victory!

While closing bases at home, we reopen Soviet bases.
United Press International reports that the US and Romania are discussing having the US use Romanian bases on a more permanent basis. And the Sofia (Bulgaria) News Agency reported last week that the US military will ask to use four bases in Bulgaria. The Russian news agency Interfax also reported over the weekend that the US and Azerbaijan had "agreed on the deployment of US military bases."The Azerbaijani government in Baku later denied the report and said "nothing of the sort is planned."

The Baku Sun reports that just this past weekend, Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister Safar Abiyev was in Tehran, where Iran’s President Mohammad Khatami told him Azerbaijan had "nothing to fear from a strong Iran," and that the increasing number of US military bases in the former Soviet republics is "a threat to the security and peace of regional countries and an affront to them."
Evidently, this latest imperial overreach is causing rising anger in the expected places.

I use the "Game of Go" as my world model for explaining international politics. The USA is playing a game that involves using our military to take over countries but to do this sneakily. We think no one will notice us placing our obvious markers in obvious places. Then we wonder why events don't do what we desire.

The recent announcement of base closings was timed to coincide with a Bush arm twisting event in the Senate. This forced recalcitrant Republicans in the North East to back down on the subject of opposing rank right wing Christian "judges". For the most part, it worked. The bases will stay, sort of, but the continuing hollowing out of our military at home rages onwards. Like ancient Rome, we believe that our military is best served on the furthest frontiers. This means literally clearing out our home base and putting everyone into every country. We occupy bases in all our trading partner's home countries except for Venezuela, which we tried to take over in a coup recently, and of course, China.

The biggest bunch of new bases lie in Afghanistan where we are disasterously taking over from the Soviets and are now working towards a drug war from hell and of course, there is Iraq.
Top US military officials in Iraq confirmed Monday that they are planning to consolidate the more than 100 bases where US personnel are now stationed in Iraq into four huge, more permanent bases.

The Washington Post reported Sunday, however, that these military officials say that, despite the appearance to the contrary, these moves do not signal a "permanent US presence in Iraq."
We still have bases in Germany and Japan who we defeated how many years ago? And neither country needs our bases today. Who are they at war with? Who is menacing them?
Last week, however, US military commanders in briefings in Washington and Baghdad, and in media interviews, said that growth of the insurgency has convinced them that the US will be in Iraq for "many more years to come," and that the pace at which Iraqi police, in particular, are being prepared to take over their own country's defense is not going anywhere near as fast as the US would like.
The insurgency is happening because the USA is in Iraq. So we will stay until it ends. The snake Orobouros eats its own tail. The fiction that we are not in Iraq because of oil and the Zionist lobby has to stand no matter how tortured the excuses. The sad fact is, we are not making life better there and we haven't made it better since day one. And frankly, we don't care. Note how Karzai has to beg for pennies even as we drop billions a month into the Iraqi volcano.

We just don't care. We want that oil.

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