Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Twin Tower Saga Continues


In NYC there used to be two towers which we called " the Twin Towers". Or the WTC. It always was a rather forbidding presence in lower Manhattan. The winds off the ocean whipped around it with high velocity and the plaza under it usually stood deserted. Going down Broadway from Greenwich Village, it presented a rather unfriendly face. It was great to photograph from Brooklyn or NJ but close up, no. The post 9/11 fondness for this super structure is due entirely to its amazing demise.

As Culture of Life News has reported, the plans for the single "Freedom Tower" (we evidently can't build two) have collapsed. Because of "security problems" it is going to be redrawn. Back when it was first proposed more than one wit on the web suggested "The World Domination Tower" aka, the Dark Tower from the movie, the Lord of the Rings. We even joked about how there should be a great eye at the apex to spy on everyone and hobbit type hippie sorts that the New World Order hates would have to creep around lower Manhattan, hiding from it by hanging out at the waterfront or on the Staten Island ferry.

Well, looks like this wil be the case. No longer an airy structure perfect for bombing, it will be radically different.

Then the bombs went off today. They didn't do too much damage. No one knows who or why they went off at the British Consulate but they happened and even though embassy row is closely guarded, it is still open, I used to often walk through the neighborhood, mostly north of the UN, it is a beautiful place.

Not like our embassy in Pakistan. Pakistan is our "ally" but only so long as we keep friendly with the dictator there who captured an al Qaeda operative yesterday. As when fighting a revolutionary change, the rulers always declare this person or that to be the "leader" so have we blessed bin Laden and his gang. We imagine, just capture and torture and kill them and they will stop resisting us. All will be well. No need to change the reason why they resist in the first place.

A history review:Right after 9/11 rioters tried to burn down the American embassy in Pakistan.

Three protesters were shot dead and three were injured yesterday as strikes and demonstrations engulfed Pakistan in anger at the military regime's support for a US war on terror.
From the conservative northern town of Peshawar to the cosmopolitan port city of Karachi on the southern coast, thousands of men poured out of their mosques to protest after lunchtime prayers. Hardline Islamist clerics used the crowds to stage a show of strength against the military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, who has told the 140m people of Pakistan that their national security is at risk unless they help Washington.

In Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, protests outside a mosque in the poor Sohrab Goth district quickly degenerated into riots. A crowd of Afghan refugees burned tyres and damaged cars. Police fired tear gas and beat them with metal-tipped sticks and then began shooting. At least three men were killed.

Crowds elsewhere in the city threw stones at police and blocked roads with cars and buses. In Islamabad, Quetta, Lahore and Peshawar the protests were well-orchestrated. Some shops were closed after clerics called for a nationwide strike.

This wasn't the first time, either. In fact, we have one of the biggest embassy/fortresses in the world there. We are building a similar fortress in Bagdad, too. Which, like Pakistan, seethes with hatred for Americans and the USA. Our actions there feed this fury and far from abating, it is growing. In many countries our embassies are prison fortresses but in particular, in Muslim lands, they are very heavily guarded. We corrupt or tempt or kill anyone running these places and we don't give a fig about popularity. This is why more terrorist attacks on our more vulnerable parts will happen. And as we struggle to keep control over Muslims world wide in this "crusade" that is supposedly benign, we will see these fortresses of fear rising here in America, too. And like all such, they will turn their Eye upon the populace below. On you and me.

This fight is far from over. Meanwhile, we note that the Chinese are not building fortresses all over the planet and placing armed guards who kill the citizens of other nations, they are building bridges. This is so much more constructive.

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