Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Unholy War Continues


When America was attacked on 9/11 we immediately went to war. This was understandable. Bush went to great lengths to assuare the Muslims this wasn't a crusade against their religion. They granted us this understanding which allowed us to attack Afghanistan and swiftly win over the Sunni fundamentalists there.

Then we opened our super secret illegal Chinese style prison camp, Gitmo, in Cuba.

The NYT reported yesterday about a camp in China that oppresses Falun Gung followers. With all the care and attention lavished upon the news that such a prison exists and does bad things to religious people certainly is alarming. But then today the BBC runs this story:

Pakistani officials say they are "deeply dismayed" over reports that the Koran was desecrated at the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.
The latest edition of the American Newsweek magazine said such tactics were used to rattle suspects.

It says that US personnel on one occasion flushed a copy of Islam's most holy book "down the toilet".

Pakistan, a conservative Muslim nation, is also a key US ally in its war against terrorism.

This is going to be big news. I am glad Newsweek, an American magazine, is covering this and I look forward to the NYT covering it except it is all about desecrating Muslim Holy books. This rates a yawn, obviously. It it were a Torah and Nazis flushed it down a toilet to torment a rabbi, the NYT would certainly be very upset.

Or if a communist KGB agent flushed the Bible down a toilet. The howls of outrage here in America would be deafening. This selective sense of outrage hobbles our ability to do simple diplomacy as well as rousing a beast of fury against us all. Every day we become profoundly more unpopular in many Muslim lands. There are many downsides to this. The despots we support who rule many Muslims are profoundly unpopular. But even they can't take such insults sitting down. The ruler of Pakistan holds power by the skin of his teeth and every day the country threatens to erupt into a frenzy of hate and he struggles to keep this tamped down.

The fact that he is torturing an "al Qaeda" agent is not popular in the streets. From the perspective of the street, the man splashed all over the Western press as a top officer for bin Laden is seen as a holy man. They wonder if the Pakistani general who rules them is flushing the Koran down the toilet in order to "break" him. The glee shown in the Christian/Jewish parts of the media irritates and infuriates these people. Far from celebrating a victory, the iron General in charge of American interests in Pakistan knows he is on a tightrope and sharks circle below.

In an interview last week with the BBC's Haroon Rashid, Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost, an Afghan prisoner recently released from the Cuban detention centre, said a number of Arab prisoners had still not spoken to their investigators after three years to protest at the desecration of the Koran by guards.

Mr Dost also said inmates' beards were shaved and the prisoners were shouted at during interrogations.

Of all people, Christians should understand what a martyr is and how this strengthens a religion. The more we acted the bully boy in our complex of hidden prisons and torture rooms, the stronger the faith of the Followers of Mohammed. The stream of prisoners we released recently didn't go home and live in shame and fear. They went home heroes and are now considered icons of great spiritual strength. People want to touch them and pray with them. They walked through the fires and are now purified. The more the seemingly (from their point of view) Christian/Jewish torturers defiled them the purer they became.

This is how all religions work. This is why going on an insane crusade to crush bin Laden is turing into a gigantic failure. He gets stronger the more we spit on him. The way to fix 9/11 was to understand the Muslim religion and people and to court them so they would not feel such white hot hatred towards us.

This is why religious persecution has to end here in America. The Christian right is on the march, out to dominate all of us even as they scream at the Muslims to stop being fundamentalists and to liberalize!

Schizophrenia is a dangerous disease.

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