Sunday, May 29, 2005


When the workers of the WTC were jumping to their deaths, Bush sat around, smiling, reading a children's book and Donald Rumsfeld didn't even pause in his meeting at the Pentagon. Both men knew women and men were looking up at the clear blue sky, praying to Gods and then closing their eyes and flinging themselves into the void knowing that the only result would be death.

After the dust of the two towers settled upon the powdered remains of thousands of innocent people, Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney had a meeting. I don't know what they said, if I were at the meeting I would have given them a tongue lashing if not a real beating but according to others who spilled the beans, these men thought this was a capital opportunity to invade...Iraq.

It took a year of conspiracy with Tony Blair of England and of course, the owners of America's media and the owners of all the businesses catering to warfare to drum up enough interest in invading an innocent country. Every trick was used and the war happened but only after the conspirators cynically used the UN to not only disarm Iraq but make a thorough inspection to insure that the place was rendered helpless.

Not satisfied with this, America and Britain continued to conspire to disarm and invade many countries. At one point, Cheney blurted out there was a list of 60 countries and the war against them would last 50 years! This was quickly dropped by the press.

Now we see the attempt at controlling nuclear technology collapse. Why there was a meeting in the first place boggles the mind. Since the world is helpless about constraining the top nuclear power from attacking helpless nations that happen to have resources America wants, how on earth can anyone contemplate disarming? The Muslim world needs nukes and needs them badly. The Amerian crusade against them is personal and total. The pictures of millions of Muslims angrily demonstrating against American abuse of the Koran barely made a ripple in Christian America but it terrified the despots who rule in our name as they struggle to cap this volcano of justified anger.

Ever since America said we would use pre-emptive strikes whenever and wherever we choose we set the table for WWIII and we are the sole and only cause of this war. The Pentagon's neo con inspired plan for "An American Century" is identical to Hitler's thousand year Reich plan.

The aggression is everywhere. The UN struggles to try to keep the USA from turning space into a war zone. Yet America insists on doing this despite strong warnings from Russia and China. The USA talks wildly about rearming Japan, putting them on the Security Council and giving them nukes. Russia and China and all of Asia sat up and realigned rapidly when this was proposed. On every front we are the rogue nation, refusing to stop using landmines or not signing the Kyoto Accords, we stand out in our defiance of all other people living on this earth.

This is why China suddenly settled border disputes going back a 100 years with all neighbors in preparation of war with Japan and America. In today's NYT, Kristof talks about all of this in his a year too late an analysis too shallow style. He accurately says the USA is responsible for the currency problems thanks to wild spending. He understands our real estate bubble is due to us sucking up Chinese money sent back by the Chinese in the form of loans. He knows China is a rising power. He doesn't understand why any of this is happening nor the inevitable, explosive end.

WWIII is already begun. America was told that all we had to do was stop being responsible and paying taxes but instead, spend like fiends and we would all end up millionaires without working. This lie is very similar to the lies Hitler told the German people.

The American people are prostrate. We watch with drool rolling off our mouths as the UN talks on peaceful uses of space and nuclear non proliferation collapse because of our dictator's rash actions and we think nothing bad will happen to us even as today, the USA ramps up verbal attacks on North Korea and Iran concerning exactly these issues. This petulant, childish behavior is deadly. Even as the silly NYT praises Bush for a "masterful" handling of China!---do they really think this childish, ill tempered, silly man is managing the Chinese?--Bush can't even master diplomacy with the Senate.

Readers of this newsblog know better. One can write a book about the Bush Chinese failures. The diplomatic game being played by the Chinese has been breathtaking. I am personally in awe of their skill and strength and cleverness. They have successfully fooled a lot of people in the American empire. An essential diplomatic skill is to walk another country into a corner and disarm or dominate them without them even knowing it is happening. Raw violence it a failure, not a success. Note how we are not winning a single heart or mind in Muslim nations!

The Chinese understand that disarming America will mean bankrupting us, first, so we can't afford to be belligerent in Asia. This bankruptcy program came wrapped in a pretty package. The invitation was, "we will make you millionaires and you won't have to work!" and we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

This is Memorial Day Weekend, a shopping and vacation time. This is when we celebrate the sacrifices of those who died, fighting for America. They sacrificed themselves so we can sacrifice ourselves on the altar of greed. Like the Roman empire.

Oh, and then tonight comes this news: Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing a Peak. Ahem. "It" is here. And "it" is breathtakingly bad news. The stock market should collapse on Tuesday but it won't because this news will be buried. It didn't make the NYT headlines tonight. It won't make any headlines anywhere. That might stop America from drooling and stuffing food!


There are times when I don't want to be right. I don't want to be able to see what is coming next. Like the UN and everyone going to Dafur in the Sudan and sighing, oh look at those poor people.

Dafur is our future.

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