Monday, May 16, 2005

Young Women in Kuwait Get Organized


Via Kevin Drum comes this news from the BBC
The Kuwaiti parliament has voted to give women full political rights.
The amendment to the Kuwait's electoral law means women can for the first time vote and stand in parliamentary and local elections.

Absolutely hooray for them. This wasn't imposed upon them via some foreigner pointing guns and killing people. This grew out of pressure applied at home by the women themselves who did this because of Desert Storm which was supposedly about freeing people even though Kuwait was a despotic country back then, only slightly different from Saddam, maybe worse as regards women's rights.

The women of Kuwait are understandably proud of their organized civil actions. Here are some pictures: Women lobbying for the right to vote and at the assembly where the vote was won.

Here is a blog by a Kuwaiti feminist:
It's now a little after 730pm, and I've just gotten into the office after a full day at Parliament. We arrived at the National Assembly around 830am, and 11 hours later, we walked out of their with our rights.

It was absolutely amazing to behold. A madhouse, a circus, a zoo.. but absolutely amazing.

I'm exhausted, I'm tired, I'm thrilled.

There's so much work to be done at the office, so no post on today's events until I find the time.

A million congratulations once again. Congrtulations to women, congratulations to women of Kuwait especially, and congratulations to Kuwait. If you were there, we were the lucky few to have been able to witness a turning point in Kuwait's history.

If you weren't there, I'm so terribly sorry you missed it. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Moxie! Strength! I am so happy about this. Alas, women's rights slip away in Iraq next door as the struggle for power grows ever nastier. Even women who want civil rights can't find the energy to fight for them since their own battle has been usurped by aliens using it as just one more excuse to oppress the people there and impose foreign rule.

Look at Iran. The women there were very free until the puppet ruler was pulled off his throne. Discredited and viewed as potential traitors, the women's rights movement there was pretty much destroyed and is only just beginning to peek out again. Afghanistan, Russia gave women 100% civil rights and did this pretty brutally, even more brutally than the Americans are attempting in both Iraq and Afghanistan today and utterly failed and the poor women who wanted rights were either murdered, went into hiding or fled the country just like they had to in Iran.

We sincerely pray that the new won freedoms of women in Kuwait don't drown in a sea of woes. Spreading civil rights and democracy is a tricky business. Doing it via the military is probably the worst idea. People wanting to be free will fight to free themselves.

Look at Uzbekistan. We are supporting someone who hates democracy and freedom so the power of the fundamentalists grow and grow and the blood flows in the streets and reactionary revolutionaries raise the bitter banner of resistance.

Supporting the liberation of women planetary wide is a wonderful thing in many ways for we are the hands that rock the cradle and solving our mutual problems means freeing women from ancient shackles. Moderarity is great. We love modern science and technology and hope the world gets what we love and computers and energy systems freed women from onerous daily chores so she can fly to the heavens on the back of the horse of freedom, Pegasus!

Congratulations, Feminists in Kuwait!

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