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This news is utterly moronic. And sad. The Mighty Wulitzer and Bush and his many minions with deep throats let out demonic howls of rage because Amnesty International called American concentration camps "gulags". OK, they aren't gulogs, they are what? Eh? I hear crickets chirping.
Amnesty International was comparing American jails for prisoners in the war on terror with the "gulag" operated by the former Soviet Union. The Soviets maintained an extensive system of prison camps, many in remote Siberia.

On "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace asked William Schulz, director of Amnesty International USA, if he stood by the description of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military prison.

Schulz responded by saying, "Clearly, this is not an exact or a literal analogy, and the secretary general has acknowledged that."

"In size and in duration, there are not similarities between U.S. detention facilities and the gulag," Schulz said. "People are not being starved in those facilities. They're not being subjected to forced labor."
Geeze. We only beat prisoners to death! We don't make them do the "Arbeit Macht Frei" junk before cutting to the chase! And we don't starve them, we feed them pork whenever we want.

I remember the prisoners going on a food strike in frustration over the abuses they were subjected to! I remember our government force feeding them.

So we are not building gas chambers and executing millions? This is our excuse? We are tormenting and denying justice to only a select few like Padillo? This makes it OK? This is a democracy? What happened to our Constitution which covered aliens as well as American citizens?

I am speechless (actually, loud mouthed!) about this mendacity and weak kneed crap. If I ran Amnesty International, I would have shot back at Rummy and Bush just like here! It is very simple: it isn't the numbers, stupid, it is the crimes! And we are committing crimes in Gitmo as well as our other gulags. Yapping about "perceptions" of American abuse is silly. We are seen for what we are: war criminals who abuse their prisoners because we are acting like...Stalin or Hitler.

Wrapping ourselves in the flag of freedom and democracy simply has mummified us, sheltering our leaders from the harsh facts of their despotic rule abroad.

Here is an interesting Slate article about the ever receding trials of these prisoners:
Next month, the Supreme Court will review the Bush administration's claim that no one at Guantanamo is entitled to civilian court adjudication of their detentions. On the eve of the Supreme Court deadline for filing its brief defending that policy, the administration announced a newly minted procedure for annual reviews of detentions. The irony of this and other actions (including the decision announced the day before another Supreme Court filing deadline, to allow Jose Padilla, the alleged "dirty bomber," access to a lawyer) should not be lost: By modifying its policies in the past months, the administration has made the definitive case for civilian review of Guantanamo. The only due process that's happened there came only after the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.
OK. This article is a fricking year old! A year has dragged its ass past and what has happened?

Nada. Nothing. All the prisoners in question are still in prison and still without justice. How long did Hitler run his prisons? A mere nine years! We are in year three of our gulag! Stalin ran his for a merry twenty years.

A rough beast can slouch to Gommorah and back home again and still be speedier than these poor people's hope of a trial.

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