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Just made the news, one week later. A fine woman from my state, From Newsday:
A Bronx Marine corporal was among six people killed last week in a suicide car bombing in Iraq, the Department of Defense announced last night.

Cpl. Ramona M. Valdez, 20, died Thursday when the convoy in which she was riding in Fallujah came under attack, the department said. Valdez was assigned to Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

No other details on Valdez were available last night.

The department raised the death toll from Thursday's attack to six after Valdez and a female sailor were identified, said Marine Maj. Sean D. Gibson, a spokesman. In all, five Marines - two of them women - and Petty Officer 1st Class Regina R. Clark, 43, of Centralia, Wash., were killed.
I was able to track down a photo of this fine citizen. I will note that Bush didn't say her name or mention her sacrifice, he generically "honored" them all in toto right after the blooper where he told everyone we don't need no stinking soldiers, we got plenty, blow them up!


She, like Holly, was younger than the Bush twins.

Regina Clark

From the King 5 Local TV news:
Naval Reservist Regina Clark already had done two tours of active duty since 9/11, and friends thought it unfair that this single mom from Centralia should have to leave behind an 18-year-old son and serve again.
But in February, Clark packed her duffel bags and headed for Iraq, where she worked at Fallujah checkpoints conducting security searches on Muslim women.
“She wanted to retire — but she really didn’t have the choice,” said Sherry Haubrick, a longtime friend of Clark’s.
Thursday, Clark, 43, was one of six U.S. troops killed by a suicide bomber who attacked a convoy returning from Fallujah checkpoint duty, according to U.S. military officials. The bombing also resulted in 13 wounded, including 11 women, according to a statement released from the Marine base called Camp Fallujah.

In civilian life, Clark worked for more than 10 years at the deli and bakery at Fuller’s Market Place in Centralia before tackling a new job as a state corrections officer, according to Haubrick.
Clark lived with her son, Kerry Clark, who graduated from high school last year. Regina Clark’s mother, Mellita Fountain, has occupied a mobile home on the same tract of land.

In the Naval Reserve, Clark, a petty officer first class, was slotted as a mess-hall cook. And preparing food was a big part of her duties in earlier deployments in 2001 and 2003, according to Haubrick.
I am tearing out my hair. She is only somewhat younger than I. She was a single mother, a cook, dammit. Pressed into battle. She joined the Reserves for the pitiful extra cash to support her old mom in the trailer and her son.

She is now dead. Not one Bush female is dead. They are all throwing back a stiff drink tonight, giving each other the "evil eye" or as they call it, the "longhorn" devil finger salute. They are patting Bush on his back for surviving another standard stump speech.

Regina Clark centered much of her life on her son, according to friends. She was born in Germany but raised in the United States. She joined the Navy and married a fellow sailor, but they separated when Kerry Clark was still a little boy and he was raised by a single mother, according to Fountain.
Though Regina Clark was a sailor through and through, friends say that as Naval Reserves mobilized post-9/11, Clark felt a conflict between her duty as a mother and her duty to serve.
Laura Bush is cuddling up to her husband, dreaming of whanking stallions. Bush is passed out from the hard work of lying yet again to the American people. Neither has two seconds to borrow to fly out to this poor orphan's home and promise to care for him and cherish him.

The poor people in this little drama still love America but America isn't a living thing. It is merely a concept. And a headless concept right now. The neighbors are terrific, but they aren't America by themselves. America means something more than waving a flag which is what Bush told us to do.

Wave flags.
Clark’s third deployment initially was supposed to begin last year, before her son’s high-school graduation, Haubrick said.
But Clark was able to work a deal to postpone that deployment to this year and to take on the assignment that landed her in Fallujah, which would be her last deployment before retirement.
As Clark prepared to depart for this final round of duty, she still strongly supported the U.S. mission and President Bush, according to Fountain.
It is so touching, reading the beliefs and wonderful, wholesome patriotism of people being dragged to their doom by an AWOL coward who lies to them...nearly nonstop now. This trust is being gradually destroyed as grim reality takes hold. Who is going to go in this lady's place? Any volunteers?

I don't see any. She is the bottom of the barrel. She was in the military during the Clinton years. Oh, how they all hated him and still hate him! But he kept them safe and kept them alive and kept them mostly home. Three more years of this meatgrinder, each time, losing 10%---this lady went three times and got hit the third time, you can bet, her unit will go four, five and six more times.

Don't sign up! Fly that flag. And so it goes. If wars could be won flying flags we would all be sieg heiling the Germans.

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