Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Time for some patriotism, dear Prez.

Oh, the right wing fury over the Black Hawk helicopter business! They even made a movie about it. All about how our President didn't protect our soldiers!

Today's news is interesting in that it happened just as I predicted a few days ago here on this blog. We use troop helicopters to go into villages and meet with the old men and ladies and children. The troops hand out candy and toys and medicine and goodies. The villagers take this largesse and even share food and chat very friendly-like. "Nice helicopter you have here, how fast does it fly? Where are you going next?" they ask.

The Americans ask for information.

"Just go over there, that mountain. They are hiding there (snicker), just tell them Tonio sent ya!" they say. Off goes the Americans, on their "hunt" for bin Forgotten Laden.

Of course, we are now going to be eliminated there in the mountains. The Taliban understand about our drones, our U-2s, of which we have even fewer now. They know how to lurk and how to lead the lambs into a trap. They know how to nail us. We will lash out by bombing villages again. The people know this and clear out...just like when the Soviets did the exact same thing.

From the BBC:
It was unclear how many passengers were aboard the helicopter or why it crashed, but Afghan officials have said a rocket was fired at it.

A Taleban spokesman said the group had shot the helicopter down. The Pentagon has not commented on the claim.

It was the second US Chinook to crash in the country this year, following an April incident in which 18 died.

The BBC's Andrew North in Kabul says it appears that this incident is "more serious" than the previous crash, which took place during a sandstorm.
Unlike the previous two, smaller crashes in Iraq this last several weeks, this one is a big fish. It was stuffed with troops. Expect the death toll to be pretty high.

The survivors of this crash, if any, probably have been carried off by the vengeful Taliban. Since America decided torture and humilation and other fun stuff is OK, we fully expect our troops to be entertained the same way we entertained the Taliban. These people, alas, are very good at torture for fun. This is what they do for fun in the first place. But we can't say we are good and they are bad! We are all really bad. This is why having the good guys torture people is stupid. It makes one a bad guy.


The American right wing can't figure this out. During the entire Vietnam war, they howled about North Vietnamese torture even as we tortured to death even women we captured! For some reason, this despicable activity didn't trouble any powerful Americans. They thought, spread the propaganda. So it is today. And now they wonder why the world, like during Nam, laughs at us.

Bush said precious little about all those Marine women who were blown up and killed. We have the name of only one of them so far and they have completely disappeared from the news as I expected. Like all the men, gone. Silence. Bush's patriotic war yammering won't be worth the time broadcasting it if he doesn't volunteer both his and Cheney's wretched spoiled spawn. Four Marine women dead=four Presidential daughters as replacements.

It is that simple.

The VP and POTUS will not do it. They hate America. They chickened out of Nam and their kids will chicken out of this war.

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