Saturday, June 25, 2005


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This is the summer of Jaws. Except with our press corps, it is still summer of Jar Jar as they try to keep the frail fabric of the Bush fabrications from shredding entirely.

Latest polls: more people believe that Bush started the war in Iraq than those who believe Saddam started this war. That is, Americans. The only people on earth who have no idea of what is going on. The propaganda is collapsing. This is taking down many people especially the Jar Jar press corps.

From the Financial Times:
In a worrying sign for the White House, which has tended to paint war critics as unpatriotic, Republican senators appear less reluctant to raise concerns about the way the administration is running the campaign in Iraq.

On Thursday, some joined Democrats in warning the administration that the tide of public opinion is changing.
I recall the last three years, the GOP has claimed, they don't read or do polls, which always was a rank lie. They also claimed they are bold because they ignore the will of the people. Yeah. All dictators are bold if you use that definition.

But even Hitler had to contend with public opinion. He ended up living in bunkers and hiding all the time because he was increasingly unpopular as his war fell apart. So it is with our ruler, Bush. He can't cotton to appearing in public even briefly now and he is truly getting scared for his Jar Jar Blinkers of the press are getting cagey now that public opinion is hard set against him.

He doesn't understand that all those blown up women Marines matter. He thinks, they are all disfigured or dead and who cares, they are just a bunch of young women. Now, according to the GOP, they are supposed to be not only family oriented but protective of the Little Gals, the females and the fetuses. Sending them out to be blown up isn't part of the propaganda. The tender kindness they showered on Schiavo stands in stark contrast to their disregard of these poor Marines many of whom are now brain damaged by the huge explosion that destroyed their lives and careers and possibility of creating families in the future.
“If you're facing a head wind, you got two choices. You can turn around and go downwind or you can there stand there and go into the wind, and that's what needs to be done,” (Rumsfeld) said.
If you are standing in quicksand you have two choices: to die or to get out. Geeze. Pick your analogies more truthfully, Rummy!
Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat who has been a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq, also questioned whether the US public was tiring of the war. “I feel that American public opinion is tipping away from this effort,” said Mr Lieberman. “[The insurgents] will only defeat us on the field of American public opinion.”

Mr Rumsfeld replied: “You sense the American people are tipping away from support. I have a feeling they're getting pushed.”
Lieberman, front man for the Likud, is getting cold feet. He certainly won't ask anyone to volunteer to fight. He ain't fighting. He is getting a bit scared now. The great enterprise of Greater Israel is falling apart despite the Warsaw Ghetto wall being built in Israel. For the war to secure oil and such is falling apart. Americans are tiring of this charade. Lieberman wants out. After hitting Iran, of course. A few WMD dropped there and then we go back into the Crusader Castles that dot Holy Land.

Rummy wants to blame someone for his defeat. He recklessly invaded a sovereign nation that was menacing no one outside its borders and now this is a failure. So he feels, someone at home is "pushing" people into questioning his leadership. Pray tell, where is this "pushing"? Us bloggers on the net? Are we that powerful? Did we lure people into our sites to corrupt them or are people reading us because they agree already and want confirmation of what they suspect?

The urge to close down all opposition runs deep in the veins of the rulers all over this planet. They all feel, if they only can compell everyone to agree, reality will agree too.