Saturday, June 11, 2005


Nuns presently in prison for praying at missile silos

When we won WWI, our country went on a no drinking binge, thanks mainly to the right to vote won by women who were fed up with the problems of drinking and carousing. This created a huge crime wave. So the FBI was created. They were able to cross state lines and do all sorts of police state stuff, but were limited by numbers and when booze was reinstated by the pressing needs of the Great Depression, the FBI slowly began to fade as a force.

And then along came WWII. Not only did the FBI take off, searching for traitors and spies, new organizations were started like the OSS and ONI. My dad belonged to both.

At the end of the war, everyone expected them to be disbanded but luckily for the growing military/industrial police state, the boogey man of Soviet communist aggression not only kept them alive but caused them to grow like kuzu weed in a Mississippi summer. They were supposed to operate strictly overseas but of course, that was a fiction. If you are a CIA agent when over seas, you were one at home, too. Ipso facto. Thanks to the Vietnam war, the barrier to not mess around at home fell.

With the fall of Nixon, the snakepit of the Nixon police state was laid bare.

With the Church hearings which were suddenly terminated because of nervousness about Russia yet again, some reforms were made only to be undone by Mr. Bush Sr.

Reagan decided to by pass the mole infested CIA to use extralegal entities to destabilize other countries and attack domestic "Universal Advesaries". This became Iran/Contra which was suddenly terminated without really fixing the real problem which was our "free" America is really a nasty police state that undermines other countries for our own ends.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, I figured the CIA should be disbanded since it always ends up attacking or abusing Americans. But it floundered on to be reborn on 9/11 into one head of the very many headed Hydra of Police States: Homeland Security.

The folks that call us pesky humans "Universal Advesaries".

The 9/11 Commission run by ruling class drones recommended extending and empowering our police state so it could function "better" Stasi! Or the KGB! Or obviously everyone's favorite security organization, the Gestapo/SS. Screaming, "No! Don't do that! No!" didn't stop them. So here we are, watching the secret hypersecurity controls clamp down with the assistance of the fools in Congress and a President who is very unpopular and has a past arrest record as long as his patrician arm. To view the arrest report, click here.

The NYT, official mouthpiece for the East Coast rulers, gives loving coverage to this latest, hideous development:
Under pressure from the White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has agreed to adopt the recommendations of a presidential commission and will allow the director of national intelligence, John D. Negroponte, to help choose a powerful intelligence chief at the F.B.I., Bush administration officials say.

The appointment would for the first time in the bureau's history give an outsider a significant role in the selection of a high-level official at the F.B.I., an agency long regarded by its critics as fiercely protective of its turf and resistant to change. The intelligence chief, who will be chosen jointly by Mr. Negroponte and the director of the F.B.I., Robert S. Mueller III, would have the tentative title of associate director for intelligence and in effect be the third-ranking official at the bureau.
Let's pour a Molotov cocktail and salute!

As they snarl together all the agencies, drawing them under one entity, one should review Putin's rise in Russia. He forced Yeltsin to make him VP after running the "security" stuff and deleting all potential rivals who had mysterious deaths, all violent. He then forced Yeltsin to suddenly resign on New Year's Eve, 1999 just before midnight. He had enough dope on Yeltsin to force him out of office extrajudicially.

Since then, he has consolidated power as a dictator.

Our security chief will do the exact same thing. No ifs, ands or buts. Bush, the AWOL, drug abusing, multi-arrested man is the perfect foil for people behind the scenes for they can always engineer a scandal by simply yelling roof top to roof top what crimes he has committed. This makes him the perfect tool for them and is strictly why he was chosen.
Most high-level officials at the bureau are appointed by its director, subject to the approval of the attorney general, who traditionally rarely objects to the bureau's selections. The F.B.I. director is a presidential appointee and serves a 10-year term, a limit imposed by Congress after the death of J. Edgar Hoover, who ran the F.B.I. for 48 years before his death in office in May 1972.
Yeah, the old monster died in office. After trying to kill the Constitution and take away our native rights and privilages of citizenship.

Now that the FBI is tamed and the CIA chained up, guess which Lynndie holds the leash?

Negroponte. A man of a terrible past, brutal work in Central and South America, for starters.
In May, a report by the Justice Department's inspector general on the bureau's efforts to improve intelligence analysis found that problems remained. F.B.I. agents still regarded analysts as support staff members and assigned them to escort duty, answering phones and taking out "official" trash for incineration.
Um, excuse me, but no neo con ever listens to mere "analysts," if they did they wouldn't be so crazy (sorry, Dr. Freud! heh). The analyst stuff is just and excuse. The Soviets and Nazis didn't listen to any sane people, either, That wasn't their function.

They want rubber stampers who will OK the various police state activities directed at controlling and destroying all those pesky disgruntled workers and such, those "Universal Advesaries".

Oh, and any activist nuns in the vicinity.

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