Tuesday, June 28, 2005



As I expected. Our yellow bellied coward-in-chief, AWOL multi arrested Bush gave his "great speech" which mentioned Iraq and 9/11 together repeatedly...a dozen times. He talked the "hard work" and "difficult work" and "work" over and over enough times to raise blisters on his manicured hands.

He mentioned sacrifice and then told us what we are supposed to do: fly flags.

Yes, fly flags, visit the families of real soldiers and then visit the White House blog they set up! Whoo hoo. Something for the Flying 101 Keyboarders! They can be heroes. Oh, and put more yellow magnet ribbons back on those cars. We have noted they are nearly all gone now, at least in my neck of the woods.

Worse, Bush actually said, "The generals don't need more troops."

This outright, outrageous lie has to be punished. Impeachment would be appropriate. Sensibly, taxes should be doubled and ditto the troops. Won't happen. Our penny pinching coward won't do it.

Did you know, at least 24 soldiers were either blown up, blown out of the sky or executed today? Seven surivors of the helicopter troops were lined up, filmed and killed by...our old buddy, bin Laden. He is watching the video tonight, sipping tea and laughing as he also watches the video of Bush's bizarre performance where he mentioned Poland more times than he mentioned Afghanistan and he didn't mention Pakistan at all.

The only way Bush could have saved his mess was to volunteer his drunk twins as human sacrifices to Neptune sort of like in the Illiad. Too bad there is no Helen of Troy to launch a thousand Humvees.

This over padded under thought speech was a retread of all previous war speeches by this lunatic. He yapped on and on about how many allies we have. Like, earth to Bush, even Mars has turned his back on your fantasies.

Which reminds me, this afternoon at the gaggle, this was said:From the White House blog:
Q I've got a quick one. There was a report today that the administration is supporting plutonium production. Is this correct, and is that true?

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, let me give you an update on that. I'm glad you brought that up. First of all, this is a matter under the jurisdiction of the Department of Energy, and the plutonium that we're talking is not -- is non-weapons-grade plutonium. The Department of Energy is responsible for producing significant heat and electricity power systems that would require no maintenance in places like deep space. And plutonium-238, which we're talking about, is the substance that makes that feasible. Such power systems are used in support of deep space exploration missions and certain national security applications. But, again, we're not talking about any weapons-grade plutonium.

And I think the Department of Energy can probably talk to you more about why we need to produce it.

Q Speaking of that, how's the Mars project coming along? (Laughter.)

Q Thank you.

MR. McCLELLAN: Thank you all.
Mc Clellan looks under his podium. "No Mars rockets here!"

Meanwhile, tonight, his boss looks under his bed: "Psst. Bin Laden, you still here? I am unpopular. Can you give me another lift in the polls?"

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