Sunday, June 12, 2005


American soldier aquitted of forcing an Iraqi youth to jump into the river where he drowned.

I have been a tad slow lately due to illness and keeping up with the fast moving events today has been difficult but here goes: The main stream media, following the orders of the owners who have a nice back scratching relationship with the GOP, spent the morning concentrating all their firepower upon the two scariest devils in politics: Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean. The pretend outrage was poured on generously.

Meanwhile, in the real world, events slid onwards. The London Times scooped another document that details the ongoing conspiracy of Bush and Blair.Super Memogate continues to startle everyone but the mainstream media and mainstream politicans. This document is now, like the earlier one, is all over the web. Because we websters have been publishing these memos and discussing them, the mainstreamers have decided this isn't news anymore but ho hum stuff.

The smoking guns are forest fires.

Cheney goes on TV to utter impolite insults directed at Dean and the media tool sitting next to him laughs. This is the TV fare being dished out today. Instead of a chorus of shrieking ninnies howling at Cheney there is dead silence. How many Republicans will be asked to condemn Cheney and suggest he stand down? Worse, Cheney claimed Dean didn't ever win an election! This lie is much worse than Dean telling the truthh about the GOP!

Oh, wait. Telling the truth is the problem. Lying about war is OK, too. Lying about torture, fine.

The war in Iraq gets worse and worse. Of course, the media cabana boys don't talk about this. Talking about Dean is far more important.
Iraq moved further toward a political stalemate today, as Shiite political leaders agreed on what they said was a compromise to include Sunni Arabs in the writing of this country's constitution, and Sunnis flatly rejected the offer.

In an attempt to defuse a political confrontation with this country's embittered Sunni Arabs, the Shiite-led constitutional committee of the Iraqi parliament, met for several hours today and decided to give Sunnis 15 seats with full membership on the 55-member committee and an additional 10 adviser positions. The offer was aimed at satisfying the demands of Sunnis, who have insisted that they get at least 25 seats.
King Canute commands the sea hold back! Yes, this is going to stop the civil war there, meanwhile, bombs blow up Iranians as the present to bin Laden just keeps on giving and giving. The media latches back onto Lebanon. That is a good revolution there! Alas, the ever shifting sands of alliances and backstabbing continues its Byzantine course heading straight towards civil war, too.

At Atrios we have been tracking the parade of clueless, weak kneed ninnies in the Democratic Party as they all rush to be blessed by the media and they all know in their bones the only way to get on TV is to kick not only the Democrat target de jour but the pesky bloggers and liberals on line who annoy them all so much. Today, they all toiled hard to attack us. Here is a typical defeatist:
Party strategist David Axelrod explained the Democratic wariness: "We already fought that battle [over Bush's veracity] and we lost. He got elected again. So even though the memo is important, there's a sense that people don't want to revisit the lead-up to war. Although I'm not sure I agree with that, when you look at the number of Americans dead today."
Ho hum. Geeze, we rehashed the entire Vietnam war just a mere six months ago! And it was a deciding issue! And now an ongoing war is not? What? What does Mr. Axelrod think is important? What is pressing news? The latest lost blonde?

No TV station is going to call anyone on the vital left to see what we think of Dean. They don't dare. They go about, trolling for critics who fail to understand the simple rule of not attacking one's own side when the other side is out hunting! Every Democrat should be pointing out that there should be a thorough investigation of the London memos and this should be done promptly.

Period. If any media whore wants to talk about Dean, all one has to do is say, "Dean says what he says and I believe that it is time to investigate the two years before the war in Iraq because it seems that President Bush manipulated information to create a causus bellus when there was none."

The very serious nature of the failure to find even one WMD is incalculable. As I have pointed out at Atrios today, we were "invited" in to Vietnam, of course, we sponsored coups to insure this, but in Iraq, we invaded from the outside without any provocation which is exactly illegal on every possible level. The only hope to save themselves was for Bush and Blair to find some WMD. They failed so now they should stand trial. They gambled, playing with facts so they could get away with a predetermined invasion and they lost their gamble. Now it is time to pull in their chips and strip both men of their high office and honors.

The island of Elba is still available for residence.