Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Everyone wants to do this, no?

Just as reports of torture flow endlessly out of the sewer of our gulag system, so does the system swell in size. Even as the Italians complain about us kidnapping people and ferrying them about to torture chambers, disappearing people just like the German Gestapo used to disappear people in their "Nacht und Nebel" system, well, what can we say?

From the Militay news service
The U.S. military said Monday it plans to expand its prisons across Iraq to hold as many as 16,000 detainees, as the relentless insurgency shows no sign of letup one year after the transfer of sovereignty to Iraqi authorities.
The plans were announced on a day three U.S. Army soldiers were killed - two pilots whose helicopter crashed north of Baghdad and a soldier who was shot in the capital. At least four Iraqis died in a car bomb attack in the capital.

The AH-64 crashed in Mishahda, 20 miles north of the capital, and witness Mohammed Naji told Associated Press Television News he saw two helicopters flying toward Mishahda when "a rocket hit one of them and destroyed it completely in the air."

The prison population at three military complexes throughout the country - Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and Camp Cropper - has nearly doubled from 5,435 in June 2004 to 10,002 now, said Lt. Col. Guy Rudisill, a spokesman for detainee operations in Iraq. Some 400 non-Iraqis are among the inmates, according to the military.
I included the stuff about the uprising. This didn't make much a ripple in American media, not even the big helicopter being shot down made much news at all. The military will dribble the names of the dead into the news over the course of the next two weeks just like they deliberately did with the women who were blown up. I had to watch the news feed like a hawk to catch their fleeting names which were, unlike the stupid runaway bride who even got an hour long special, put into the news and quickly passed over.

From the Military News again:
The recruits of Echo Company stumbled off the bus for basic training at Fort Knox to the screams of red-faced drill instructors. That much was expected. But it got worse from there.
Echo Company's top drill instructor seized a recruit by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. Other soldiers were poked, grabbed or cursed.

Once inside the barracks, Pvt. Jason Steenberger says, he was struck in the chest by the top D.I. and kicked "like a football." Andrew Soper, who has since left the Army, says he was slapped and punched in the chest by another drill instructor. Pvt. Adam Roster says he was hit in the back and slammed into a wall locker.

Eventually, four Army drill instructors and the company commander would be brought up on charges. Four have been convicted so far.
The few we manage to recruit are willing to die in war but that isn't enough. They have to be immediately abused, too. Talk about spitting in the eye! The disturbing news from the Airforce Academy as the born again Christians go on their crusade to abuse all others, our military is falling apart emotionally. The lower ranks get hammered the hardest, as usual.

When the first pictures of torture came in, the blame was put on one woman commander and skipped over her underlings to hit only the guards themselves. Then as torture allegations poured in from all over our gulag system, the punishments ceased. Now they are in full-lockdown-mode. Bush made a stupid speech vowing to save anyone who is tortured and now the grim work of pretending we are the good guys is underway. The Democrats are joining this effort. Can't let the world know we are running the biggest gulag system outside of China!

This is verboten!

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