Monday, June 13, 2005


Strom Thurmond finally died.

This news really steams me:
The Senate seldom says it's sorry, although it is now ready to officially express its remorse over the failure to outlaw lynching in the United States.

A resolution that the chamber was likely to take up Monday voices regret for the Senate's unwillingness for years to pass a law stopping a crime that cost the lives of over 4,700 people, mostly blacks, between 1882 and 1968.

Doria Dee Johnson, the great-great granddaughter of a black South Carolina farmer who was killed by a white mob nearly a century ago, was to be on hand for the floor vote.

The Evanston, Ill., woman has said that her family "lost property and family solidarity that still affects us today" when Anthony Crawford, a wealthy cotton farmer, was killed in 1916 by several hundred residents of Abbeville, S.C. Ms. Johnson today is an author and frequent lecturer on the subject of lynchings.

In the past, efforts to pass such legislation fell victim to Senate filibusters despite pleas for its passage by seven presidents, among others, between 1890 and 1952.
Strom Thurmond is a key player in this crime and it was a crime to allow lynchings to happen for 100 years. Atoning for this? What can we do? How about digging up Strom's body and stringing it up from a tree, naked? All those years and not once was the Senate able to muster the simple quorum of 60 votes to break this? Eh? I hear crickets chirping.

I lived through years of lynchings. They continued during my life. It drove me up the wall, the fact that lynchings were still happening. Here we are, today, with a Bush judge appointee calling liberals "lynch mobs"!

This slapping us in the face with the crimes of the southern racists is very infuriating. I notice when the judge complained about liberals "lynching" the mass media didn't run off to every white pasty faced southern Republican to have him repudiate her words! Nope. Dead silence. Like the lynchings themselves, whites would pretend nothing happened even as they held picnics under the dangling bodies hanging from trees!

This is the genteel South.

Southern courtesy was strictly limited to only privilaged people. Hitler, when he wrote "Mein Kampf" was very impressed by the American South and their strict brutality. The idea of putting up signs forbidding minorities from using bathrooms, drinking fountains, doors, buses, etc appealed to him. He had to make his minorities wear signs such as stars of David or pink triangles to mark them off but Strom and his bully boy buddies needed nothing. They used skin color.

NY Head of Christian Coalition wants to put pink triangles on gays. I kid you not.
"We put warning labels on cigarette packs because we know that smoking takes one to two years off the average life span, yet we 'celebrate' a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease and takes at least 20 years off the average life span according to the 2005 issue of the revered scientific journal Psychological Reports," said Rev. Bill Banuchi, executive director of the New York Christian Coalition.
It is amazing how American right wingers dovetail into Nazi solutions, no?

If Dr. Dean mentions this, the media probably would have a heart attack.

After all those years, fillibustering, and all those years, assisting lynch mobs and racist murderers, some justice is finally being served:>
Potential jurors arrived under heavy security Monday for the trial of a reputed Ku Klux Klansman accused in the notorious killings of three civil rights workers four decades ago.

Members of the jury pool, expected to total about 400, were ushered off buses and entered a side door of the Neshoba County courthouse in the heart of this town of about 7,300.

Defendant Edgar Ray Killen, who has been free on bail, looked straight ahead and said nothing as he was brought into the two-story, red brick courthouse in a wheelchair.

A federal trial was held in the 1960s, but Killen, an 80-year-old part-time preacher, is the only person ever indicted on state murder charges in the case.
The intersection between "Christian leaders" and crimes against humanity stand starkly naked here. When Dean mentioned how the GOP caters to these very people, he was attacked viciously. Yet here it is! These people who are now in the GOP in huge numbers, were the ones who allowed and condoned and coddled and protected...criminals who lynched innocent minorities.

We didn't fight WWII for democracy. We fought it as an empire fighting other empires for control of the earth. When our military came home, they went back to an America that lynched blacks for stepping out of line. Blacks couldn't vote. They couldn't sit on a jury. They couldn't hold many jobs or go to many schools.

The communists mocked us for our fake storyline about democracy and freedom. Anyone watching this mess could see, the Soviets were 100% right. This was a tool used by the Civil Rights movement to force the government to change things. Our CIA and our media poured out a tidalwave of propaganda boasting about our freedoms while freaking out at home over the possibility that Captain Kirk, in 1968, was going to kiss Lt. Uhura!


As for the Senate: A black curtain should be hung over every portrait of every Senator hanging in their halls. On it should be writ: "I failed to pass anti lynching laws".

BREAKING NEWS FROM AMERICABLOG: 12 GOP Senators boycotting anti-lynching vote!
I just heard this on ABC News. They're apparently holding the vote late tonight so they won't have to have a real roll-call vote (i.e., individual Senators won't have to vote up or down). The reason? So they can hide the 12 or so Senators who apparently think it's bad politics back home to sign onto a resolution that apologizes for not passing anti-lynching legislation sooner. Apparently, southern Senators fillibustered efforts to pass such legislation for years.

Those bastards. The so called "President" should be hauling them into the WH to yell at them....yeah. Dean said these guys were mostly white, Christians and he didn't add "rank racists".

MORE BREAKING NEWS: ABC news has the picture of the great grandaughter of a lynching victim upside down. ABC seldom makes mistakes like this and this one has been up on their page for quite a while now...maybe some person thinks this is all a big joke? Like the five southerners who won the 2002 election with 18181 votes on Diebold machines?

List of names of the good guys in the Senate (25 Repubs originally didn't want to vote for this!)