Monday, June 27, 2005

FILE SHARING Denial of Service Attack


My family uses Azureus to get Japanese TV shows that we don't get in America. Not licensed ones, just regular TV shows. Once a show is licensed to appear in America, the feeds cease.

As of today, I watch exactly zero American TV. It is mostly boring or stupid or visually tedious. Thinly threaded storylines might interest people in the USA but it looks so threadbare when compared to the best of Japanese anime. Some recent storylines have been so complex, one has to watch it several times to catch all the fine details and foreshadowing events and background information in order to appreciate the writing skills of the animation studios there.

This is why the shows amuse us. We discuss them afterwards. Interestingly enough, the religious content in Japanese anime is very high especially in the realm of animist religions like the older religions of Japan, pre-Buddhism. The Shinto "all living things" beliefs are amusing when translated into a robot/alien environment.

Even quieter tales like this month's lovely Victorian based drama, Emma
Isn't she adorable? Sigh. This jem of a show, short and sweet, isn't going to cross the sea so easily and then appear on these shores where I can find it. Like so many lovely shows, it will just disappear! So I use the internet to watch this stuff. My son understands enough Japanese to watch it straight out of Japan.

But these shows don't appear in America that fast. I used to watch Japan TV in NYC on Channel 68 but they ran only one series at a time and there is just so many now, unlike 40 years ago! I am very hard core Japanese anime. My kids grew up on it, not Disney.

As you can see, the beautiful music in Emma is for Japan! Some Japanese kids are kind enough to share this with us via file sharing not because we are slackers but because this is the only way we can get this stuff.

Oh....oh, do I wish we had studios in America capable of producing shows like Emma! For profit. The last episode, the old woman Emma cares for died a simple, quiet death of old age and I cried my head off watching it! Tell me there are better shows on American TV.


Anyway, if file sharing is shut down, I will be one very ticked off person.

More, note the demonstrators already. They are young and they are motivated. They don't care about Iraq, they consider it a headache for the right wingers, but this hits home...until the draft. Then we will see a very roused youth indeed. And for the animators of Japan: Please, in the name of all the gods of Shinto, could you please set up a system where we can pay a small fee a month and get your shows unedited by Americans and in Japanese? I don't like dubbing and I am certainly not alone in this bias. I love the voice actors as much as I love the artists.