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All the Bush people have an itch to talk about freedom when they leave the American police state. For some reason they think that the rest of the world doesn't know about the lack of freedom here and the fact that even Constitutional rights have been removed like a speedy trial by one's peers and habeus corpus and all that. The people eliminating our freedoms at home only talk to each other and they not only don't talk to us people, they are desperately trying to prevent us from talking back to them.

Last time I looked, we have utterly lost the right to petition our rulers. If you don't pay them a hefty bribe you have exactly zero chance of getting within a ten mile radius of them!

Today it is Rumfeld's turn to talk about freedom
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, arriving here today for a conference on Asian security, drew a sharp distinction between two of the region's major powers, predicting that ties with India would strengthen while urging China to let political freedom grow there along with its economy.

"It would be a shame for the people of China if their government did not provide the opportunities that freer economic and political systems permit," he said, describing a tension "between the nature of their political system and the nature of their economic system."
Last I looked, many Chinese are very happy with their economic system and if they want to tinker with it, it is to make it more socialist like Sweden or France! Here at home, we have lost the ability to organize unions like within Walmart or any of the major universities.

Rumsfeld landed in Singapore. Talking about freedom---isn't this one of those places that has all kinds of very restrictive laws? Singapore isn't exactly a beacon of political freedom. Ahem.
In a brief survey of the region before landing here, Mr. Rumsfeld said the United States has "an excellent relationship with India," but noted that China is a major purchaser of weapons on the international arms market, in particular from Russia.
India has excellent relations with Russia and China. Indeed, the relationship with China is positively blooming at this point. The only country clinging to the USA is Japan and this is causing increasing problems for Japan.

As both Afghanistan and Iraq spiral down the drain, Rumsfeld is off doing clumsy diplomacy. At least now he doesn't stand out anymore, all the Bush people are now bad diplomats!

And freedom: we have to fight these goons to regain our civil rights and freedoms here at home. Onwards!

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