Sunday, June 26, 2005


Picture of missing man who is probably being tortured right now

The neocons and the Israelis want us to go to war with Iran. The Texas oil overlords want us to invade Iran and steal all the oil..for them so they can resell it to us at the highest possible price. The madman running America wants to invade Iran, too. Since going AWOL during the Vietnam war, he dreamed of sending others into battle to die.

This reminds me, I searched all the newspapers today looking for Holly's sweet face. Only in Rhode Island, did they carry photos of her and told her story. CNN featured yet more stories about the missing girl who is almost the same age, in Aruba.

I still can't believe I scooped all the news media last night and still scoop 90% of them today. Shame on them all.

From the New York Times:
Even before Iranians went to the polls in their presidential election, the Bush administration declared the process rigged, saying that no matter what the outcome, Iran would be truly ruled by men who "spread terror across the world."

Yet almost no one in Washington expected the landslide victory of the conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as Iran's next president. And now, facing a populist who came to age in the student union that took over the American Embassy in 1979, the administration is bracing for a long, hot summer of confrontation with Iran, first over its nuclear programs, then over terrorism, and perhaps over the fueling of the insurgency in Iraq.

Mr. Ahmadinejad has made little secret of his determination that one way or another, Iran is going to become a nuclear nation, though he has been careful to deny that Iran's ultimate goal is to build a weapon, as Washington has charged.
Hate to tell anyone this news but as far as I can see, all nations with oil in the ground better get nukes quickly or they are doomed. The Iranians know they have an interested party to defend them and if necessary, arm them. China is rapidly becoming their sugar daddy. India wants to be one, too. Russia wants an independent Iran. So that makes three nuclear powers interested in keeping Iran free of Americans.

On the other hand, watching the USA disintigrate in Iraq is interesting. Perhaps these three countries will allow us to jump into this new hell hole!

Sharon is having problems removing the Jewish invaders of Gaza. He is very gingerly dealing with them. No running them over with bulldozers like the Jewish military did to an unarmed American citizen. They will happily kill us if we are in the way but won't even bruise their own in identical situations.

Israel proves the ill of religious states. Ditto all the Muslim lands that imitate this. State sponsored religion becomes state sponsored terror. This is why our founding fathers enshrined the division of church and state at the very top of our Constitution and which is why we, on the left, are outraged at right wing attempts to create a monster monoreligious state.
Mr. Bush and his aides have insisted that Iran cannot be trusted with the ingredients for a nuclear weapon, even if they are legally entitled to them as Iran claims under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The United States argues that Iran gave up that right by hiding 17 years of nuclear work from international inspectors. Now, there is an undercurrent among administration officials and outside experts that the outcome of the election might actually make it easier for the administration to press that case.

Earlier in the week, one of Mr. Bush's closest aides said that no matter who won, "we may be looking at a summer of simultaneous crises on opposite sides of the world," one in Iran and one in North Korea.
Well, we flubbed the North Korean business. We will flub this business, too. Even though Bush, our mad mad mad mad mad ruler wants war with Iran, no one even in his own party wants a war. We want the goodies but don't want the stings that go with raiding bee hives filled with suicide bombers.

Attacking Iran will start WWIII in ernest. Make no mistake, stealing the oil the Chinese paid for in a classic capitalist venture will rouse a very dangerous dragon indeed.

From the New York Times:
The extraordinary decision by an Italian judge to order the arrest of 13 people linked to the Central Intelligence Agency on charges of kidnapping a terrorism suspect here dramatizes a growing rift between American counterterrorism officials and their counterparts in Europe.
The CIA has been reshaped by Bush and his gang into what it was under Nixon: out of control clone of the KGB. The Church Committee hearings exposed some of the dirty doings of the Nixon CIA which also, like the Bush one, spied on Americans, and thanks to Watergate, some of the worst excesses were curbed.

We are losing support and allies due to our KGB clone organization. The Italians were conducting normal police activities and we jumped them with our totally illegal kidnapping. Another victim disappeared into our Nacht und Nebel (Nazi words they used themselves to describe their Gestapo) gulag system.
"We do feel quite betrayed that this operation was carried out in our city," a senior Italian investigator said. "We supplied them information about Abu Omar, and then they used that information against us, undermining an entire operation against his terrorist network."

He and other senior Italian officials in Milan's police and prosecutor's office were angry enough to answer detailed questions about the case, but insisted on anonymity because the investigation is continuing.
America is profoundly unpopular in the world. One of our readers emailed me about a story I read last night from New Zealand about a student (presumably was a right winger) who was harassed out of school because the other students couldn't stand his pro Americanism.

I know what really happened there for I went to school in Europe in 1968! Antiwar sentiment was very high there by then, much higher than in America. I was 100% antiwar so far from having problems, I was wildly popular! Everyone wanted me to visit their campuses and highschools! In France, Germany, Austria, all around. When France closed their borders, the students smuggled me across (I had to swim the Rhine!) to get me to speak on the campus in Strasbourg. Es war ein spass!

I know for a fact that any antiwar liberal kid sent to New Zealand would be welcomed with open arms.

Lastly, Congress visits Potemkin Village Gitmo. Everything is cleaned up. Anyone we are torturing, like the kidnapped man from Italy, is gone overseas to our other gulags. The Nazis, the Japanese, the North Vietnamese, everyone invites inspection periodically as they clean up things and pretend there is no torture! This is regular stuff. Meanwhile, where is Mr. Nasr? We won't say.

And why hasn't Padillo been given a trial? Eh? What? Is this a democracy with a Constitution?