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It never seems to end. The Bush diplomatic team from hell rolls onwards. This time it is Mr. Personality Himself, Rumsfeld in Asia.
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in an unusually blunt public critique of China, said Saturday that Beijing's military spending threatened the delicate security balance in Asia and called for an emphasis instead on political freedom and open markets.
"unusually blunt"? Bush and his diplomatic crew think "sharp" is a bowling ball.
In a keynote address at an Asian security conference here, Mr. Rumsfeld argued that China's investment in missiles and up-to-date military technology posed a risk not only to Taiwan and to American interests, but also to nations across Asia that view themselves as China's trading partners, not rivals.

He said no "candid discussion of China" could neglect to address these military concerns directly, and criticized China for not admitting the full extent of what he described as its worrisome military expansion.

"Since no nation threatens China, one wonders: why this growing investment?" Mr. Rumsfeld asked.
OK. A lesson for Rummy: China is quickly and peacefully settling all border disputes and carefully crafting many treaties of mutual protection and trade while the USA has been invading other countries and is engaged in a bloody war with people we are trying to bend to our will and we are increasing military spending and building up a bigger nuclear stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and he dares attack China for building a military defence force?

This must be part of the "make them laugh to death" diplomatic push.
A joint warning from the American and Japanese defense and foreign ministers has rankled Chinese leaders, as has the Bush administration's insistence that Europe must not ease curbs on arms sales to China.
The Japanese have decided to get ready for WWIII. This is sad because I love a lot of Japanese stuff and seeing it go up in a nuclear annihilation will be very upsetting, to say the least. Why they are doing this is beyond my ken. Suicide desires? Has happened before.
Perhaps because of his emphasis on military developments, as well as trade and democracy, Mr. Rumsfeld's remarks, while measured, were more critical in tone than those heard in recent months from other administration officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited China in March. Before the election last year, she and her predecessor, Colin L. Powell, both said relations were better than they had been in years.
Time for me to point out the silly propaganda of the Times writer. "Measured remarks"? Compared to what? Hitler's rants before he invaded Poland?

Readers of this blog remember the story I posted about the sudden volte face concerning the Chinese control of the seas around their own country. We agreed to let them in on our war games in the future.
Mr. Rumsfeld, for his part, has long taken a tough stance on China.

He ordered American military relations with China to be frozen shortly after he became defense secretary in 2001, when a Chinese fighter jet shadowing an American Navy surveillance aircraft in international airspace collided with the plane, forcing it to land on Chinese territory. The crew members were held as virtual hostages for 11 days.

But the American Navy's port calls have slowly resumed over recent months, and Mr. Rumsfeld now says he hopes to pay an official visit to China before the end of the year.
I like the sneaky way the Times reporter slips in this vital information. Worse, the straight face about Rummy visiting China at the end of the year. With his "blunt" language he will tell China which has been successfully settling border disputes this last year, that they should not arm because it is interfering with the American/Japanese desire to militarily control all of Asia via the use of force.

Who won WWII now?

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