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The neocons have a deep bench, don't they? An endless supply of irritable, incompetent, ill prepared people who see many Americans as the ultimate Universal Advesary. Like a toothpaste tube for Gargantua, this tube oozes out an endless ribbon of wannabe Ribbentrops.

A good article about our new Master of the Universe flunky at
The top U.S. government official in charge of arms control advocates the offensive use of nuclear weapons and has deep roots in the militarist political camp.

Moving into the old job of John Bolton, the administration's hardcore unilateralist nominee to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Robert G. Joseph is the right wing's advance man for counterproliferation as the conceptual core of a new U.S. military policy.

Within the administration, he leads a band of counterproliferationists who – working closely with such militarist policy institutes as the National Institute for Public Policy (NIPP) and the Center for Security Policy (CSP) – have placed preemptive attacks and weapons of mass destruction at the center of U.S. national security strategy.
This is all tangled up in that ball of tar that is stuck to the USA's torso called "the Iraq war". The lies and screams about WMD bellowed by the USA which is the number one maker of and user of WMD lies in the dark heart of the whole smear that is destroying the UN, the USA and maybe the world. This insane desire to be ultra/ultimate Master of the Universe....note the new military NASA chief boasting about how only America should colonize or use space because of our Manifest Destiny!...the military is taking over all spy positions, all diplomatic positions, all formerly civilian positions.

I predicted this when Colin Powell was made Secretary of State. He didn't kow tow to Rumsfeld as expected and was unceremoniously ditched and humiliated and replaced with a vaporous and frankly openly stupid woman, Condi Rice. Although she isn't a military woman, she puts on the lipstick and dominatrix garb to appear as if she is military, joining in this hypermilitary affair in DC created for AWOL Bush and deferment Cheney, two notorious Vietnam War deadbeats.
U.S. security strategy, according to the new arms control chief, should "not include signing up for arms control for the sake of arms control. At best that would be a needless diversion of effort when the real threat requires all of our attention. At worst, as we discovered in the draft BWC (Biological Weapons Convention) Protocol that we inherited, an arms control approach would actually harm our ability to deal with the WMD threat."
This reminds me. When the trail of the anthrax killer who started off his rampage by killing the photo editor of the Sun tabloid which exposed the drunk Jenna photos and then went on to terrorize only the middle of the road media figures and Democrats in the was traced back to a hyper secret military anthrax facility. When the FBI rang that doorbell, the investigation was suddenly terminated and no official says so much as a peep about it, not even to wonder about the wisdom of letting this serial murderer off scot free! Periodically, the two cowards running America tried to pin the anthrax stuff on Saddam while unable to explain why on earth Saddam would want to kill people on a Bush hate list.
Joseph participated as a team member in crafting the influential 2001 report by the National Institute for Public Policy titled "Rationale and Requirements for U.S. Nuclear Forces and Arms Control."

The report recommended that the U.S. government develop a new generation of "usable" lower-yield nuclear arms. The NIPP study served as the blueprint for George W. Bush's controversial Nuclear Posture Review.
Bush's attempt at removing el Baradi from the UN nuclear inspections agency went up in flames as not even Blair dared to "me too" this blatant attempt at turning a good organization into a spy tool for the USA. Do note that nearly all mainstream articles about the banning of UN inspectors from Iraq deliberately and maliciously hide the fact that these inspections were rightfully terminated by Saddam because it was revealed that the USA team was really spying on him and conspiring with Iraqis to take him down.

Using his refusal to "cooperate" when we were not cooperating ourselves as justification for what is obviously an illegal invasion forces the American media and rulers to either hide the truth or openly lie.

Now that the war is increasingly unpopular with over 50% of America saying it is going badly and should have never happened, the neocons soldier on, relentlessly promoting themselves into very delicate postions where they work like crazy to undermine long term American initiatives like the SALT treaties which Bush ditched.
"In the new world we have entered, the only path to peace and security is the path of action," concludes Joseph – and that action includes the U.S. preemptive use of WMDs.
Translation of this Doublespeak: we intend to control the planet by nuking anyone we want without warning. This is a very bad idea. Massively bad.

Mutual Assured Destruction is turning into Singular Assured Destruction.

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