Sunday, June 26, 2005

PENTAGON LAMINATED CARD With Instructions for Living in Iraq

Soon it won't just be Iraqis stepping on this face...

Forget armor! Forget sane programs! Forget tactics that really work when fighting freedom fighters! The Pentagon has the solution to all those soldiers being blown up in Iraq!

From the NYT:
At a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, the officer, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., briefly referred to the 11 rules he had issued on wallet-size laminated cards, after Representative Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat, expressed concern that the American military might be underestimating the violent insurgency.

"Boy, that is something we watch every day," General Casey said. "To give you an example, I published 11 FAR's, call them Flat-[expletive] Rules. And one of those FAR's is to be focused on the enemy and to be opportunistic."

General Casey's command has ordered 170,000 of the cards and 1,000 2-feet-by-3-feet posters emblazoned with the rules, which advise the 139,000 troops in Iraq on topics including learning Iraqi customs and searching for creative solutions to knotty problems.
FUBAR cards! Or maybe "Fuck YOU" cards! Or maybe it would have been better to hand out cards that say, "NAAAAY, I'm at the Young Republican Convention getting drunk and you are stuck in Iraq, waiting to die, sucka!"?
General Casey's rules offer a window into his priorities for the troops, military officials say:

¶Make security and safety your first priorities.

¶Help the Iraqis win - don't win it for them.

¶Treat the Iraqi people with dignity and respect. Learn and respect Iraqi customs and cultures.

¶Maintain strict standards and iron discipline everyday. Risk assess every mission - no complacency!!

¶Information saves lives - share it and protect it.

¶Maintain your situational awareness at all times - this can be an unforgiving environment.

¶Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

¶Innovate and adapt - situations here don't lend themselves to cookie-cutter solutions.

¶Focus on the enemy and be opportunistic.

¶Be patient. Don't rush to failure.

¶Take care of yourself and take care of each other.
Wow. Just wow. Why didn't they hand out these nifty laminated cards to Kerry in Nam? Or Bush in some bar in Mexico between drug runs? All the information is right there! Iron discipline! The boot lickers in the Pentagon must have drooled really hard thinking up that little baby! Risk assess every mission?

Hell, every time our soldiers go to the sh*t can they are risk assessing! And of course, the poor Marine women in that convoy certainly didn't assess the risks they are enduring, did they? And if they did, what could they do?

I want the geniuses who came up with this card and the stupid stay at home general who is in DC yapping, I want them to do the risk assessing...up close and personal, like in Fallujah.

They seem unable to hit rock bottom---yet.