Monday, June 06, 2005

RICE VADER WARNS OAS USA Will Bring Democracy...

"No more wire coathangers!"

Imperial bootjack Princess of Terror--isn't her face cute?--is snarling at our nominal allies, demanding they be democratic or else the Evil Empire will invade, I presume, and make them vote on Diebold machines after watching a thousand hours of horrible TV pundits and commercials attacking anyone daring to talk sensibly.
Rice's speech welcomed foreign ministers of the 34-nation OAS who are in Florida for a three-day summit with the theme "Delivering the Benefits of Democracy." President Bush will address the group Monday.

Rice, who is chairing the session as U.S. host, said the Bush administration has a "renewed interest" in the Western Hemisphere assembly as a way to promote its global democracy agenda. It is the first time the annual meeting of ministers has taken place on U.S. soil since 1974.
A "renewed interest" in spreading democracy coming from the people who seem bent on spreading chaos and destruction. Cute. I am sure the delegates there took furious notes.
Among the agenda items is a debate of a U.S. proposal to create a mechanism within the body's Democratic Charter to intervene in countries where democracy is in jeopardy.

In the 2001 charter, member nations pledged to protect one another's democracies.

"In places like Bolivia, Ecuador and Haiti, the institutions of democracy have perhaps brittle roots," Rice told the delegates.

"To help democracies in our hemisphere find a path to lasting success, this organization must embrace the legitimate contributions of civil society."
Time for a news break:Haiti is now the haven of kidnappings etc just like Iraq! Knock me over with a guillotine! What a surprize. Right.
"This country (Haiti) is out of control," he said. "No one is safe."

Indeed, more than a year after the start of yet another conflict-ridden political transition, it is hard to tell who, if anyone, has taken charge in Haiti.
Before our right wing sponsored coup, there were about zero kidnappings in Haiti. Now it is a daily occurance! And no one is in charge! Sorry, someone is responsible: the USA.
But chaos still reigns. In just the past two weeks, gunmen fired on a United States Embassy van, and the State Department ordered all nonessential personnel to leave the country. A French honorary counsel, Paul-Henri Mourral, was shot to death on the road between Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien on Tuesday.
We seem to have a talent for spreading death and destruction, don't we? Is Rice Vader going to talk about this? Is she going to surrender herself and her boss to the Hague to stand for war crimes for driving out elected leaders?

And Venezuela, a country that fended off American style elections that seem to heavily favor using armed thugs to kidnap or murder any leader a country chooses that we don't want, what are they doing right now?

I know, they are laughing to death. This is the great diplomatic plan to make the world laugh to death. Haha. Very clever.

Meanwhile, in another country we are trying to control by pretending to spread democracy at the point of a gun, Uzbekistan, continues to fall into chaos:

Signs of instability grew on Friday in Uzbekistan, as Israel evacuated most of its diplomats amid fresh warnings of terrorist attacks and the U.S. Embassy authorized most of its employees and their families to leave.

Only the Israeli ambassador and a senior official remained in Tashkent, the Uzbek capital, according to Mark Legev, a spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry, who said 13 other embassy employees and their families flew out of Uzbekistan on Thursday.

The United States issued a warning Thursday night saying it had received new information that Islamic terrorist groups were planning attacks, perhaps against Americans. The warning mentioned al-Qaida and three other terrorist organizations that it said are active in the region.
Ah, the pesky terrorists! They listen to all that propaganda oozing out of American gulags and Israeli gulags, too. And they hate us for this and are fighting our "democratic" allies who hate voting and hate their own people and rely on American Back to the Imperial Democratic Princess Vader:
The body is concerned about political turmoil in Ecuador, where its congress voted unanimously in April to remove President Lucio Gutierrez amid enormous public outcry against him.

Instability lingers in Bolivia, where demonstrators are threatening President Carlos Mesa and calling for a constitutional overhaul.

Rice also will tackle the continuing crisis in Haiti, where political and gang violence persists more than a year after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide went into exile.
Hired guns to keep themselves in power in Haiti like in Afghanistan where the fighting rages now increasingly out of control. Isn't it funny that we will now, after spreading death and destruction for a year, now we are going to "fix" it. Our record in the past gives one little confidence she will "succeed".

On the other hand, "success" with this crew probably is chaos and death and doom.

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