Thursday, June 02, 2005


Close the School of the Americas

The NYT turns once again to the experts who write books and teach in our military superstructure for guidance. As usual, they come up with a potpourri of lies and delusive thinking. Today's right wingloon blind as a bat pundit is James S. Corum.
Most Americans,including many of those making military decisions in Washington, have been surprised by the intensity of the Iraqi insurgency since the January elections. How, despite their failure to coalesce into a united front and their lack of a coherent political program, have the armed factions shown such staying power? History suggests an answer and, more important, provides a model for putting the insurgency down.
First sentence, first lie. We all know, at least on the nonbrainwashed left, that the head of the Joint Chief of Staff was forced to resign because he disputed Rumsfeld's assertion that we didn't need many troops to control Iraq! This is a significant fact showing that the consensus was enforced by Rumsfeld attacking anyone who dared to defy his pet beliefs.

Of course, this pundit wants to show us how history reveals the True Path:
Our current goal - to bring enough stability to the country that we can bring the American troops home - depends on our giving the Iraqis enough expertise to win their own war. Again, history provides clues. When the Malayan insurgency broke out in 1948, Britain initially brought in 40,000 army troops and rushed to expand the colony's police and security forces. From 1948 to 1951 the police force was quadrupled to 40,000 men and more than 100,000 "home guard" auxiliaries were recruited.

Sheer numbers had an effect, but over time, the hastily trained police and security units were inefficient, and in 1951 senior British commanders reported that they had stalled against the rebels.
Turn to the British Empire! The fairy tale, "the Iraqis don't know how to fight nor how to run a police state" is hilarious and horrifying. Of all people, the Iraqis practically invented the police state! They invented cities and armies! They invented...empires. They have the longest history of running civilization because they invented civilization! Pretending they don't know how to do things and are stone age natives who can't figure out how to write or make laws, they invented making laws! All of this...they did first! And continually. At no time was this area not "civilized" except when foreign invaders came in and burned the place down!

This irritates me more than anything. Like when Western invaders ripped apart China, one of the oldest civilizations on earth, though much younger than the Euphrates one, they then said to the Chinese, "Oh look, you are primitive people. We will instruct you." This looking down the nose at people irritates them no end. Our attitude that the Iraqis need "training" is extremely irritating.
The situation in Iraq today is similar to what faced Templer when he arrived in Malaya. After the fall of Baghdad, American officials had little understanding of just how politicized and corrupt the Iraqi police and military forces had been under Saddam Hussein. Most dictatorships favor party loyalty over merit; this is why third-world armies look impressive on parade on Revolution Day but fail on the battlefield. Officers under Saddam Hussein were well educated, but those who had performed well in the long war with Iran were seen as a threat and were purged or mysteriously died. So while the Pentagon was correct in assuming that there were plenty of officers who were not Saddam Hussein loyalists and who would be willing to serve a new government, it overestimated their skills.
Saddam was losing the loyalty of his people because he boxed them in and the oil riches stopped flowing to them. But to suggest the Iraqis can't fight!

Good grief. Look at the war with Iran. Both fought desperately. Nearly a million soldiers died in that war. Look at the bellyaching here over a few thousand. As Russia went bankrupt, support for Saddam fell as the USA stopped courting him, too. Otherwise he would still be ruling.

Why can't we find more, good Quislings? The writer thinks it is because Saddam purged good leaders.

Hell's bells. Now who is running the insurgency?

Good leaders! They are called "patriots" when they are French Resistance or the Founding Fathers of America. They are fighting a foreign invader who is a different culture, language and religion. Who looks down on them and treats them like animals and tortures them and mocks their civilization just as the writer of this editorial mocks them.

This writer is the clueless, despicable man who teaches in our military colleges. The Pentagon listens to him. He is directly responsible for this mess for he laid down the foundation for this delusional activity. He dares to suggest the Iraqis need "the School of the Americas," aka Torture Peasants U. We don't need to teach them how to torture or how to herd people around or run death squads. All evil organizations figure this out all by themselves. Who taught us all this?

Oh, I forgot. We brought over some Nazis to teach us. And they did a good job of it, too.

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