Wednesday, June 29, 2005


He is home, he is alive and he is playing soldier.

Just like before WWII, we get the treat of War of the Worlds, back then, the story was 60 years old and today the radio show that started hysteria was 60 years ago. Hollywood, part of the military/industrial complex, rented soldiers and gear from the military for this extravaganza. For an early exposition about aliens, it was interesting but we are much more sophisticated today, well, supposedly.

From CNN:
10th Mountain Division troops are facing off against Martian invaders -- with no less than the fate of the Earth in the balance.

The soldiers were called on by Steven Spielberg, who picked Fort Drum troops to star in his remake of the H.G. Wells classic "War of the Worlds." The movie, starring Tom Cruise, opens nationwide Wednesday, but the actor-soldiers were treated to a sneak preview Monday night at the post movie theater.

"It feels awesome to help save the world," said Sgt. Christopher Lumpiesz, of Tampa, Florida, who gets to help shoot down a Martian ship in the movie.
Gads. Look at how we devolved the story over the years. Now it is an imperialistic venture whereby we get to play the Iraqis! and shoot down the invader's helicopters. The real time Afghanis are doing that, too. We are the evil aliens. Different language, different religion, different culture, invading and killing peasant villagers. The irony of all this misses thanks to propaganda. "God bless America" is what the alien invaders chant as they rain WMD and phosphorous bombs and shoot people fleeing them. "We are number one," chants the aliens as they lure villagers with candy and medicine while really seeking the sons and brothers of the villagers so we can torture or murder them.
"Spielberg wanted real soldiers to make the scenes more authentic. He was quite impressed. You don't get any more Army than the 10th Mountain Division," said Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, the post's public affairs officer. "This is a reward to soldiers who have been among our best, and it's a way to showcase the American military."

After the special showing, the soldiers were called up on stage for a curtain call.

Spc. Kenneth Wright, of Bakersfield, California, and Staff Sgt. Aaron Dewitt, of Perrysville, Ohio, agreed that it was a chance for America's soldiers to get some added recognition. But for the time being, they prefer to soak up their celebrity status.
Our soldiers are movie stars, alright. The Taliban claim they filmed the real life War of the Worlds and now entertain their troops with pictures of real alien invaders being gunned down. The movie by Spielberg, a man who avoided the swamps of Vietnam just as carefully as all his generation including Bush, pleases the soldiers for they could be unabashed "good guys". Despite tons of propaganda and recitations of the magic chant, 9-11--Iraq, by Bush and his minions, people know in their deepest hearts, something stinks.

I went to the Marine corps official website last night seeking information about the woman officer who was blown up and found none about her but did see a number of stories and pictures of the movie. Oh, Hollywood is much more fun than Holly or Ramona. The very same day they were blown up in Reality War of the Worlds, the main article in the Marine news was this:

From the Marine news:
U.S. MARINE CORPS FORCES PACIFIC, CAMP H. M. SMITH, Hawaii (June 24, 2005) -- “Block off all their main and secondary supply lines for these are their main arteries, and ambush them along those routes for they are exposed and easy prey.”

These words from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were cited by the Winds of Change website, showing the real danger for convoys traveling Marine supply lines in Iraq.

There have been 341 Marines killed in action and 4,099 wounded in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom since February 16, 2004. How many of these fatalities and casualties have been caused by improvised explosive devices and ambushes on convoys? Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles couldÂ’ve saved some of those lives and kept those Marines in the fight.

With its flat bottom and soft-skin plastic doors, if a humvee is directly hit by a land mine or IED, most likely the passengers inside will lose their life and the vehicle will be destroyed beyond repair, said Maj. Gert de Wet, Central Command plans officer.

“In 1968, South Africans in conjunction with Rhodesians started developing the technology to create new vehicles that would counter the land mine threat introduced in the Bush War in Southern Africa. They developed the technology that created a new modular design for their military vehicles. For example, the vehicle’s wheels could be blown off in a mine/IED blast, but the passengers and the rest of the vehicle survived,” said de Wet.

Here is our "alien invading vehicle".

Our attempts at protecting ourselves while fighting civilians is rather amusing in a bleak sort of way. Refusing to understand who the people are that we are invading/killing/colonizing and refusing to see them as humans who have a great deal of heroism in them, willing to personally die in desperate suicide attacks on the alien invaders, we minimize them or make fun of them or get all huffy. How dare they dispute the rule of their lands with us! We are not them, we are gods who have a god-given right to invade and reorganize and even loot whoever we choose.From CNN:
Sen. Joseph Biden Jr., appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," disputed Bush's notion that sufficient troops are in place.

"I'm going to send him the phone numbers of the very generals and flag officers that I met on Memorial Day when I was in Iraq," the Delaware Democrat said. "There's not enough force on the ground now to mount a real counterinsurgency."

Biden argued, "The course that we are on now is not a course of success. He [Bush] has to get more folks involved. He has to stand up that [Iraqi] army more quickly."
Beyond their criticism, Some Democrats said they thought Bush strengthened his credibility. "I think he told the American people why it's important," said Biden.

Said Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Connecticut: "The president needs to do more of what he did last evening. This is a beginning."
OK, all Democrats calling for more troops should haul their children's and grandkid's asses to the Marines now. Not next year, today. One fine lady blown up this week was a mother and 48 years old. So many Congressional and Senatorial wives can go. Volunteer. Set a fricking example. Be the boots on the ground, guys. You want this War of the Worlds, you fight it.

Recognizing that even red voters who adore Bush hate fighting is key to understanding why we already lost this war. We make lousy aliens except for the fact that just like the aliens in the original story, they killed all living things in their quest for power. And the lust to do the same eats our minds. We really want to use our full WMD on our victims to "teach them a lesson and end the war fast, too" just like we did in WWII when we nuked many thousands of civilians deliberately. Little school girls were fried as they sat at their desks. Female office clerks turned to ashes on the spot. Grannies watching little babies play while mommy and daddy were working for the empire, sighed and died instantly. Two little Japanese boys riding a small red trike were burned and their trike turned into a black, twisted wreck.

We won WWII but we lost our souls.

Now we are huffed up with indignity, riding along with Bush's drum beat of propaganda, falsely linking Iraq with the Saudi Arabian 9/11 attack, we are the aliens.

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