Friday, June 10, 2005


General Pinochet, laughing because he can murder and torture "Univeral Advesaries"

As Bush campaigns to extend the extrodinary, unconstitutional powers of the misnamed "Patriot Act", Padillo, a full American citizen, continues to rot in a small, windowless prison.

His miserable existance is a harsh reminder that none of us is truly free for any of us can join him in this lovely state of suspended citizenship.
"One of the most important tools to combat terror is the Patriot Act," Bush said in remarks at the National Counterterrorism Center outside Washington. "The Patriot Act has helped save American lives and it has protected American liberties. For the sake of our national security, the United States Congress needs to renew all the provisions of the Patriot Act and, this time, Congress needs to make those provisions permanent."
These fascists do go on and on about "liberty", don't they? Yet they sit there, inert, when one brings up the subject of the host of prisoners our government holds without trials or any coverage of any treaty, law or custom.

The froo-for-all last week over calling this system of despotic detention a "gulag" was instructive for the defense was "it isn't as big or lasted as long, yet, as the previous gulag!" Quite.

Now we have this news:
The F.B.I. missed at least five chances in the months before Sept. 11, 2001, to find two hijackers as they prepared for the attacks and settled in San Diego, the Justice Department inspector general said in a report made public on Thursday after being kept secret for a year. Investigators were stymied by bureaucratic obstacles, communication breakdowns and a lack of urgency, the report said.

The blistering findings mirror those of the independent Sept. 11 commission last summer and a joint Congressional inquiry in 2002 but they also provide significant new details about the many bureaucratic breakdowns that plagued the Federal Bureau of Investigation before the attacks and are likely to fuel questions about the bureau's efforts to remake itself. The Sept. 11 commission had access to an earlier version of the inspector general's study and incorporated parts of those findings in its final report.
It still strikes me as amazingly odd not to mention insane that every single sector of our security system crashed totally in all ways on 9/11/1. This super duper FUBAR scenario strikes me singlar as the Big Bang and other one time events. How was this possible that everyone was asleep at the wheel, zonked out, unable to stop reading "My Pet Goat" or goofing off? All I know is, I was running frantically about on 9/11, to say the least.
But the report stopped short of recommending disciplinary action against any F.B.I. employees.

"What we found were significant deficiencies in the way the F.B.I. handled these issues," Glenn A. Fine, the inspector general, said in an interview. "We don't believe it was misconduct on the part of individuals so much as systemic problems, but we do recommend that the F.B.I. review the performance of individuals on its own."
No one was disciplined, no one was removed, no one was charged with treason or malfeasance or anything after every single person involved with defending America screwed the pooch. Not one. Oh, except for pesky whistle blowers. Can't have them!

Many of the people involved in this fiasco topped it off with the Iraq disaster.

So what are these curious inept people planning next?
The Homeland Security Council (HSC) – in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the federal interagency, and state and local homeland security agencies – has developed fifteen all-hazards planning scenarios for use in national, federal, state, and local homeland security preparedness activities. These scenarios are designed to be the foundational structure for the development of national preparedness standards from which homeland security capabilities can be measured. While these scenarios reflect a rigorous analytical effort by federal, state, and local homeland security experts, it is recognized that refinement and revision over time may be necessary to ensure the scenarios remain accurate, represent the evolving all-hazards threat picture, and embody the capabilities necessary to respond to domestic incidents.
WARNING: This document is real. It is from Homeland Security. It has shocking information in it.
The scenarios have been developed in a way that allows them to be adapted to local conditions throughout the country. Although certain areas have special concerns – continuity of government in Washington, D.C.; viability of financial markets in New York; and trade and commerce in other major cities – every part of the country is vulnerable to one or more major hazards.

Because the attacks could be caused by foreign terrorists; domestic radical groups; statesponsored adversaries; or in some cases, disgruntled employees, the perpetrator has been named, the Universal Adversary (UA). The focus of the scenarios is on response capabilities and needs, not threat-based prevention activities.

Since these scenarios were compiled to be the minimum number necessary to test the range of response capabilities and resources, other hazards were inevitably omitted. Examples of other potentially high-impact scenarios include nuclear power plant incidents1, industrial and transportation accidents, and frequently occurring natural disasters. These either have welldeveloped and tested response plans, and/or the response would be a subset of the requirements for scenarios contained in this set.
Reading this reminded me of Nazi documents they generated when creating thier concentration camp complex back in 1936.
"Because the attacks could be caused by foreign terrorists; domestic radical groups; state sponsored adversaries; or in some cases, disgruntled employees, the perpetrator has been named, the Universal Adversary (UA). The focus of the scenarios is on response capabilities and needs, not threat-based prevention activities."
1984, here we come! Geeze.

The Universal Advesary of the Ruling Elite: disgruntled workers and the neighbors. I suppose all the other humans will be classified "BU" for Biomass Units?

Remember Pinochet? He is under inditement. He pretended to be dying but he ain't dying at all so they want to haul him into world court and put him on trial which is why Mr. Kissinger, his co-criminal conspiritor, can't ever go to Europe on vacation. Anyway, he brutally terminated the democracy in Chile and ripped up the Constitution there and imposed marshall law and murdered and tortured and destroyed all those "Universal Advesaries" like professors, poets, musicians, artists, peasants, workers, students. In Argentina, the American sponsored military coup there did the same, murdering 30,000 UAs.

Hitler, of course, was a master at eliminating not only UAs but millions of pounds of BUs too. At, they write:
The domestic radical groups and labor activists, which visibly constitute a threat to the established political order, are now conveniently lumped together with foreign Islamic terrorists, suggesting that the PATRIOT anti-terror laws together with the Big Brother law enforcement apparatus are eventually intended to be used against potential domestic "adversaries".

While the Universal Adversary is "make-believe", the simulations constitute a dress rehearsal of a real life emergency situation:
"The scenarios have been developed in a way that allows them to be adapted to local conditions throughout the country"
The local sheriff in Texas will deal with his or her "Universal Advesary" who probably speaks Spanish or is dark skinned. Not to mention the Pink Triangle people.

The FBI alert to go after ALF and ELF, two rather innoculous groups that do irritating things but nothing on the scale of the right wing mass murderers since they have killed no one, shows how eager the fascists in America are for knocking down anyone who opposes them in their progressive domination of the planet.

For truly, the thing that terrorizes them the most are voters who vote with paper ballots and snoopy reporters who ask pointed questions and dig for information and professors who guide young people into thinking and wondering and of course, blacksheep of the ruling elite who tell everyone their dark little secrets and plans.

Shutting out and shutting up these people is the real red alert.

How can we preserve ourselves from this fascist plan?

Well, by banding together. In September, there is going to be the big march in DC. I heartily endorse this march. United for Peace Look at the Bolivians! The latest example of disgruntled voters forcing down an unpopular ruler. They did this in Equador! They did it in Lebanon and in Ukraine and...well, not Uzbekistan. We have our troops there. Or Haiti, for that matter. Boots on the ground=fascism, doesn't it?

Liberty! Equality! Sanity!

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