Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Ethiopia election riots

Understanding elections is rather simple. They are a method of figuring out what consensus there is for running a country. This means trying to understand "the will of the people" rather than imposing something on a population like in Saudi Arabia, for example. Because elections are easy to steal, manipulate and confuse, people think no one will notice this. But as populations across the planet seethe, the downside of fake elections grows more and more obvious.
At least nine Ethiopians have been shot dead as police clashed with protesters accusing the ruling party of fraud in last month's elections.
Correspondents say the Black Lion hospital in the capital, Addis Ababa is full of those injured in the clashes, while crowds of relatives wept outside.

Hundreds of students have been arrested this week for defying a protest ban.

Final results have not been announced three weeks after the polls, as reports of massive fraud are investigated.

However, provisional results say the opposition has won the capital's seats by a landslide - a major breakthrough after 14 years of domination by the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).
Mexico tried to stop this force of popular will by rigging up an excuse to arrest and then disqualify the Mayor of Mexico City, for example. In Haiti, the American Homeland Security complex used its muscle to arm and assist thugs who were able to kidnap the duly elected President and send him into exile after which the popular will was for him to come home so there is now anarchy and violence everywhere as people fight desperately against the stooge put in power by Bush.

America loves dictators. When the Spanish had elections and the American owned candidate lost, this really ticked off Bush who I would suggest, fondly remembers the fascist dictator who used to be our stooge over there. The popular will in Pakistan is now so anti-american it is literally burning to blow up.
The populace attacks whatever it can. This is why "winning hearts and minds" was said to be the goal in Vietnam, so there could be elections only America supported the Christian overlords of that very Buddhist nation so we couldn't allow real elections at all so we just killed people steadily hoping they would just give up and surrender to our dictates.
It is no secret that symbols of American commercial might are lightning rods for anti-American sentiment. But the deadly strike on this fast-food restaurant, on a hot summer night in Pakistan's most populous city, revealed something much more potent: It showed how existing strains - in this case a deep sectarian divide that is roiling this city - can tap a well of anti-American fury to create an explosion of violence.
We all remember Bush lying when he whined on 9/11, "Why do they hate us?" We all know perfectly well why they hate us.

America does all it can to prevent fair elections that express the will of the people.

When any country is important to us, we toil day and night to insure their rulers are our creatures. If we have to come in directly like in Iraq and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, we will do so with grim determination. All to impose our will upon a nation. We had "elections" in Iraq and Afghanistan but the "winners" are so unpopular neither of them can leave their palaces without heavy American guards protecting them from their supposed mandate.
These days, Shiite leaders say their cadres did not carry out the fatal KFC rampage. But it is an American symbol, they readily say, and they do not shy away from pointing the finger at the United States. That is the one thing, it seems, Shiite hard-liners have in common with their Sunni extremist rivals.

"It's not important who owns it," Munawer Abbas, 29, an Urdu literature teacher active with a Shiite political organization, said flatly, as he escorted a journalist to the Madina-tul-Ilam Mosque. "This is just because of American policies. People hate America."
Anyone remember Jimmy Carter? Supposedly he was so unpopular he...could walk the streets or fly anywhere like any person. He walked in his parade to the WH!

Bush had zillions of armed guards and a bullet proof black limo to take him to the WH. He has set up elaborate proceedures to prevent him from interacting with nearly anyone, barely his own supposed supporters. He won the last election in such a cloud of bad voting mechanisms and press manipulations that all polls show within less than two months, his support has collapsed. There are no riots...yet. But if he imposes a draft on us, yes, there will be riots.

To keep power we expect him to manipulate rising antiamerican anger overseas to provoke colonial wars. We just might get WWIII out of that little scheme!

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